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Rev. Walter Whatley Perett

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Rev. Walter Whatley Perrett (1869-1950) was a British Moravian Missionary on the coast of Labrador. Rev. Perrett first came to Labrador in 1892 and was stationed at Okak. Rev. Perrett did a great deal of work translating Eskimo/English language text, and also taught at the local school when needed. Walter Perrett and his wife, Helen (Ridgeway), had four daughters, Alice, Mabel, Ethel and Edna.

Hopedale Museum

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The Hopedale Museum began in 1970 and is located in the Moravian Mission House in Hopedale, Labrador. The Mission House was the building in which the minister and his family lived in which was adjacent to the Moravian Church. The Museum began with three rooms and has since grown to thirteen. The Museum’s collection consists of archaeology artifacts, which date back 1500 to 2000 years, and others relating to today’s Labrador Inuit as well as European medical supplies, furniture and utensils. The mission is the oldest wooden structure east of Quebec. Other structures include a church, storehouse, and small wooden huts in which the First Nations peoples of the area lived in. (

Henry Gordon

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Rev. Henry Gordon (1887 – 1971) was born in England and educated at Keble College in Oxford. He was ordained a Church of England priest in 1911, and volunteered to go to Labrador as a missionary four years later. While in Labrador, Rev. Gordon’s parish stretched some 320-km from southern Batteau to Cape Harrison. Rev. Gordon stationed himself in Cartwright where he kept a journal in which he recorded details concerning the life and hardships of the people he served. His diary, covering the years 1915 to 1925, was published by the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador under the title, ‘The Labrador Parson’. While in Labrador Rev. Gordon recognized the need for a public boarding school for the children, and through fundraising, established the Labrador Public School in 1920 at Muddy Bay.

Alice Perrault

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Alice (Perrett) Perrault (1896-1990) was born in Makkovik, Labrador, to Rev. Walter and Helen Perrett. The daughter of a Moravian missionary, Alice Perrett was trained as a teacher in England and taught in several communities on the Labrador coast before her marriage to Thorwald Perrault. In 1942 Alice moved to Refugee Cove (later Happy Valley) with her family to work on construction of the Goose Bay Air Force Base. In 1943 Alice Perrault started the first school in Happy Valley in the kitchen of her home and was instrumental in securing more permanent facilities for the school in 1946. She was awarded the Order of Canada on June 25, 1984, for a lifetime of service to her community.

Frank Saunders

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Frank Saunders (1935-1987) was born in Davis Inlet, Labrador, to Gilbert and Eliza (Broomfield) Saunders. At the age of eight, Frank moved with his parents and siblings to what is now Happy Valley, Labrador. He was educated at public schools in Happy Valley and North West River, Labrador. Frank began his working career with the Hudson’s Bay Company and was later employed at Canadian Forces Base Goose Bay, as well as being self employed as owner/operator of Saunders’ Restaurant. Frank also later worked with the municipality of Happy Valley-Goose Bay for 24 years as a heavy equipment operator and superintendent of Municipal Works and Services until 1987. He resided in Happy Valley-Goose Bay with his wife, Doris (Martin), and raised 3 children. Frank Saunders received a commendation for community service from her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1977.

John A. Broomfeild

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John A. Broomfield (1909-1976) was born in Big Bay, Labrador. He was educated at the Moravian Mission School and started making his living hunting, trapping, and fishing. Eventually John moved on to working odd jobs with the Hudson’s Bay Company and the Moravian Mission. John Broomfield worked as a tinsmith in several communities on the Labrador coast before moving to Happy Valley as one of the three original settlers of the area. While there he worked on the construction of the base, as well as becoming the founder of the Happy Valley Moravian congregation, for which he frequently served as a lay minister. John eventually landed a job in the USAF sheet metal shop, and became quite proficient in his work, eventually becoming shop foreman. He remained in this position until his retirement in 1956. He was also a researcher and contributor for THEM DAYS magazine. John A. Broomfield died in North West River on February 22, 1976.

Labrador Community and Cultural Association

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The Labrador Community and Cultural Association was a non profit organization aware of the need to provide training and opportunities for the citizens of Labrador. They to organized a program that would provide, encourage and assist in vocational development of basic trades, arts, crafts, music, drama, physical culture and all other educational, recreational and cultural activities in Labrador.

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