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Frances Pye

  • Person

Frances Pye was married to Hayward Pye. In her later life she recided in a seniors residence in Curling , Newfoundland

Captain Frances Pooloe

  • Person

Captain Francis Poole was born in West Hartlepool, Northern England, and went to sea during his teens as an apprentice on a merchant ship. In the First World War he served in the Royal Navy. Between wars he sailed mostly in the Far East. In World War II he transferred to the Canadian Navy and was stationed on the East Coast as a Lieutenant – Commander on destroyers and also did convey work. Captain Poole was the Harbour Master with the Federal Government at Goose Bay, Labrador, during the 1950’s and 1960’s after he had retired from the Canadian Pacific. He published articles about his experiences for marine and navy journals and for Them Days Magazine, and also wrote a large manuscript about his life at sea. May 11, 1996, Captain Poole celebrated his 100th birthday at the Veteran’s Hospital in the Ste. Anne de Bellevue near Montreal, Quebec.

William Fitzhugh

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William (Bill) Fitzhugh was born February 1, 1943, in New York City, New York, U.S.A. He received his post secondary education at Dartmouth College and Harvard University, where he studied anthropology. He presently works with the Smithsonian Institution as the Director of the Arctic Studies Center in Washington.

Joan Stedman

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Joan Stedman, originally from England, worked as a nurse in Labrador, including Cartwright and Mary's Harbour. After completing her work in Labrador, Joan Stedman returned to Burnham-on-sea, England

Dillon Wallace

  • Dillon Wallace
  • Person
  • 1863-1939

Dillon Wallace II (1863-1939) was born in Craigsville, New York, to Dillon Wallace and Rachel Ann Ferguson. His early education and work experience was in New York and in 1896 he graduated from the New York Law School with a Bachelor of Laws degree. He then went to work with the firm McLaughlin and Stern. He married Jennie E. Currie in April 1897, who died three years later of "consumption". He is the author of Lure of the Labrador Wild (1905), an account of a 1903 expedition to the Labrador interior with Leonidas Hubbard Jr., editor of the magazine, OUTING, and their native guide, George Elson. They had intended to travel the Naskaupi River to Lake Michikamau and then northwards to the George River and Indian House Lake to witness the annual Naskaupi caribou hunt. They started on their exploration route late in the summer season and soon lost their way. The trio entered the uncharted interior of Labrador without sufficient supplies and knowledge of the area. Consequently Hubbard died of starvation, and Wallace and Elson were near death when rescued by fur trappers. Wallace made two more journeys into the Labrador interior in 1905 and 1913. The 1905 trip turned into a race between he and Mina Hubbard, Leonidas Hubbard's widow, through the Labrador interior. Wallace's wilderness experiences launched him into a literary career. He authored twenty-eight books, and several serialized publications. In 1917, Wallace married Leila Greenwood Hinman of Cleveland, Ohio. They had two children: Leila Ann and Dillon III. Wallace retired from his law practice in 1918 and concentrated on his writing and volunteer activities including the Boy Scout movement. Dillon Wallace died on September 28, 1939 at the age of seventy-six in Beacon, New York.

Edgar Richardson

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  • 1972, 1981

Edgar Richardson (1878-1974) worked in a lobster canning factory owned by Will Harding from the age of 14 on an island in the Labrador region. He later moved to Sable River, Nova Scotia where, in 1972, he shared stories of his life on the Labrador coast with his neighbor W. Chris Robart who transcribed them.

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