Archdeacon Buckle Memorial Archive

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Archdeacon Buckle Memorial Archive

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  • The Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador
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19 King’s Bridge Road


St. John's


Newfoundland and Labrador

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A1C 3K4







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The Anglican Church’s Newfoundland records date from the early eighteenth century. In 1976 the Synod of Newfoundland divided the diocese (which was established in 1839 as the See of Newfoundland) into three separate dioceses: Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador, Central Newfoundland and Western Newfoundland. Each diocesan Synod maintains an archive where diocesan and parish records are kept. The Archive for the Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland was established during the May 1987 Synod largely through the work done by the late Rev. Rex Kearley who saw the need for public access to our records.

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The Archdeacon Buckle Memorial Archive (ABMA) is dedicated to the acquisition and preservation of archival material related to the history of the Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador (DENL) including the Diocese of Newfoundland and the Diocese of Nova Scotia prior to 1839.

ABMA exists to collect, arrange, describe, conserve and preserve the permanent records of the Diocese and to make them available upon request, subject to certain restrictions, to creators, donors and researchers. The archive encourages the preservation of all aspects of the diocesan heritage including the work of diocesan committees and organizations that are no longer active.

ABMA is directly responsible to the Diocesan Synod.

Structure administrative

An archive committee with representatives of local parishes meets regularly to oversee the workings of the archive. Volunteers are welcomed and several now help at the archive.

Gestion des archives courantes et intermédiaires et politiques de collecte


ABMA is housed in Synod Offices in St. John’s, NL.


ABMA contains records of the Diocese of Newfoundland before the tripartite division in 1976. These records date from the early eighteenth century. It also contains records of the Eastern Diocese since the division and some of its parish records include Baptismal, Marriage, Burial and Confirmation records. Synod records, parish service records and minutes of general sessions of vestries and Synod are also available.

The archive also has a large number of scanned and searchable photographs.

Instruments de recherche, guides et publications

Finding aids and a guide to holdings are available.

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The archive is open to the public on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9-12. Inquiries may be made to the archivist by telephone, fax, email, mail or by visiting the archive. Viewing of materials is helped by making an appointment.

Conditions d'accès et d'utilisation

No material may be removed from the archives. Copyright regulations apply to all material held at the archive. It is the responsibility of the user to obtain permission from the copyright holder in order to reproduce material in any form.


The archive has a large holdings area and a room that is available upon request for researchers. There is also an office for the archivist.

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There is a fee-based ($25.00/hr.) for research done by the archivist. This fee applies to off-site requests. A research fee is not charged to researchers for on-site visits.

Services de reproduction

Limited photocopying services are available with the assistance of the archivist. There is a charge for this service. All photocopying will be done by the archivist. Certificates are issued for $5.00.

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Created - June 18, 2013


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19 King’s Bridge Road
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