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Archival description
CA NL0053 4.0 · Series · 1865-1899
Part of Grieve & Bremner fonds

This series contains all the unbound material having to do with accounts. It includes accounts of advances of cash to sealing crews, 1874-1884; advances to crews per Walter Grieve of St. John's, 1876-1879; James Gent in account with Grieve & Bremner, Trinity 1872- 1899; miscellaneous accounts, 1873-1894 and loose journal accounts, 1865. Also a photocopy of a Barter Book for 1874-1875.

CA NL0053 2.0 · Series · 1848-1890 (inclusive); 1863-1882 (predominant)
Part of Grieve & Bremner fonds

The series includes correspondence, telegrams and invoices. The correspondence is mostly letters from Walter Grieve at St. John's to Grieve & Bremner at Trinity, 1863-1882. The invoices include invoices and orders for goods sent from Walter Grieve of Greenock, 1869 and invoices of Grieve & Bremner in account with Walter Grieve of St. John's, 1865-1880. The telegrams are for the year 1880 and some specific telegrams re the loss of the SS Lion in 1882. The correspondence and invoices illustrates the relationship between the three firms, and the nature of their business.

CA NL0053 1.0 · Series · 1875-1886
Part of Grieve & Bremner fonds

The series consists of photocopies of the daily diaries from 1875-1886. Like the Slade diaries, they provide information on vessels entering and clearing, the fishery, observations on the weather, sealing and some information on the day to day operation of the business.

CA NL0053 6.0 · Series · 1863-1902
Part of Grieve & Bremner fonds

The financial records which make up this series provide an almost complete account of the firm's financial transactions for the period that they were in operation at Trinity. They include 23 volumes of journals, 1863-1900; 26 volumes of ledgers, 1863-1902; 13 volumes of petty ledgers, 1879-1901; store books, 1863-1901 (54 volumes); store cash books, 1869-1899 (21 volumes); day books, 1863-1895 (10 volumes); ledger indexes, 1881-1882 ( 2 volumes); cash collecting book, 1870-1871; produce books, 1870-1900 (14 volumes); account books, 1866- 1868 (3 volumes); blotter, 1892-1901 (2 volumes); stock books, 1878-1897 (2 volumes); barter books, 1880-1891 (2 volumes); order book, 1864. This series is arranged in sub-series by function.

Grieve & Bremner fonds
Fonds · 1832-1902, predominant 1863-1902

The fonds consists of the business records of the firm of Grieve and Bremner, for the period of its operation at Trinity, 1863-1902. It includes financial records, correspondence, diaries (photocopies), shipping records and accounts.

The financial records consist of complete sets of ledgers, journals, day books and store books, produce books, account books, stock books etc. from 1863-1902, which provide an account of the firm's business transactions, as well as information on the individual fishermen and planters throughout Trinity and Bonavista Bay, with whom the firm carried on their business. The correspondence includes letters mainly between the firm of Walter Grieve and Co. in St. John's and Grieve and Bremner at Trinity, and invoices of goods shipped by Walter Grieve from Scotland to Trinity. Shipping records include charter parties, sealing agreements, vessel accounts, and other papers relating to sealing and to individual vessels. A small series of accounts includes advances of pay to vessel crews and sealing crews. The fonds provides extensive information on the operation of the business, the sealing operation and the makeup of the crews of the sealing vessels, as well as the individuals who produced fish and produce for the firm.

The records are arranged in six series: Series 1: Diaries, 1875-1886; Series 2: Correspondence, 1848-1890; Series 3: Shipping Records, 1863-1881; Series 4: Accounts, 1865-1899; Series 5: Miscellaneous, 1832-1875; Series 6: Financial records, 1863-1902.

Grieve and Bremner (firm)
Miscellaneous files
CA NL0053 5.0 · Series · 1832-1875
Part of Grieve & Bremner fonds

This series contains two files: file 1 is a detailed account of repairs carried out to the Garland House and other premises rented by Grieve & Bremner, 1875; file 2 is a copy of sermon given by Rev. William Bullock sent to A. Bremner at Catalina in 1832.

Shipping records
CA NL0053 3.0 · Series · 1863-1881
Part of Grieve & Bremner fonds

The shipping records include statements of seals taken by individual vessel, 1875; an account of the sealing fleet, 1879-1881; vessels accounts for the vessels Isabella, Dart and Gem, 1863-1878; crew subscriptions to Church properties, 1879; papers relating to insurance claims for the brig Gem, 1877-1889; papers relating to the Dart, missing at sea, 1879; charter parties, 1855-1879 and sealing crew agreements for the Dart, 1871-1877, the Lion, 1875, 1879 and the Bear, 1875.