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Presentation Congregation (St. John's, Newfoundland) fonds Series
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Records relating to Formation and Spirituality

Series consists of original and copied correspondence (1923-1983); Register of the Sodality of the Children of Mary (1946-1955); and minutes (1977). As well, series contains applications, policies, reports and briefs for and about religious life. Series also includes reference material associated with ceremonies/investiture programs, religious activities, workshops, planning procedures, statistical data, in-service projects, devotions/practices, para-liturgical services and sessions/programs in Spirituality and Formation.

Records relating to foundations in Newfoundland and Elsewhere

Series consists of originals and copies of: correspondence (1876-2002); financial records (1876-1877,1964-89); Vow registers (1853-54, 1905, 1907); legal documents (1852, 1886, 1974, 1984); minutes of meetings/election reports (1961-1986); annual visitation reports (1962-1965,1988); Latin documents (1845, 1891, 1950, 1959, 1964, 1972); French documents (1845, 1865, 1867); four blueprints (1953); one technical drawing (1886); and photographs. As well, series consists of reference material such as news articles, books, ceremony booklets, statistical data, graduation addresses, and reports about each of the fifty-one foundations.

Records relating to Government within the Presentation Congregation

Series consists of copied and original material: correspondence (1897-1993); financial statements/records/reports (1920-1978); election register (1833-1987); annual renewal registry (1938-1957); acts of reception and profession registry (1846-1869); professions and deaths registry (1871-1952); General Council's register of minutes (1916-1961), additional minutes of meetings (1961-1967) and general administrative material (1919-1995); annual reports/statistics of the Congregation (1942-1984); Constitution Decree (1958) and other legal documents (1928,1974, 1981); one technical drawing of the Presentation Congregation land; and photographs.

Series also consists of various reports involving the congregation, their religious programs and educational endeavours, as well as, books, thesis, news articles, newsletters, historical data, obituaries, and constitutions, statutes, and policies of the Presentation Congregation.

Records relating to Nano Nagle

Series consists of original correspondence (1981 and 1997); copies and/or transcriptions of correspondence (1769-1784, 1940-46, 1975-1981), a journal (1802-1825), Nano Nagle's Will (1784) and the decree allowing Congregation to wear a ring (1855); and photographs. As well, the series consists of two sketches of Nano Nagle and reference material such as booklets, pamphlets, papers, speeches, and plays about Nano Nagle's life, work, family, death and legacy.

Records Relating to Reverend Mothers Prior to Amalgamation

Series consists of original correspondence (1981) and religious vow documents (1846-1856). Copies and/or transcriptions of correspondence (1885-1899, 1952) and a religious vow document in Latin (1883). As well, series contains reference material such as newspaper articles and obituaries which reflect the vocation, leadership and life of each Reverend Mother.

Records relating to the Apostolates

Series consists of original and copied correspondence (1952-2002); minutes of meetings (1960-1999); legal documents (1974); financial records (1976-1977); various certificates and awards (1952-1995). Series also consists of a sketch of the Catholic school district and reference materials such as reports, brochures, news articles, booklets, lists of assignments, questionnaires and evaluations which relate to individual Sisters' ministries.

Records Relating to the Pioneer Sisters in Newfoundland

Series consists of original correspondence (1883, 1845 and 1986); copies and/or transcriptions of correspondence (1833-1834, 1865 and 1889); and photographs. As well, series contains reference material such as newspaper/journal articles, obituaries, and speeches which reflect the lives of the pioneer Sisters and the beginnings of the Presentation Congregation in Newfoundland.

Records relating to the Presentation Congregation Multi Media Collection

Series consists of nineteen film reels of various sizes; twenty-nine video cassettes, predominantly VHS; and thirty-six cassette tapes. The cassettes in this series include Sister interviews, school activities, jubilee/worship celebrations, and recordings of the Regina Music Box. The videos and film show Christmas concerts, class demonstrations, documented interviews and sceneries.