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Mary Clark (Interview)

Interview by Doris Saunders with Mary Clark (nee Mary Oliver). The interview is about Northwest River, Cartwright, genealogy, family history, ghost stories, Rigolet, Groves Point and fishing.

Dennis Blake (Interview)

Interview by Doris Saunders with Dennis Blake. Interview is about dog sled teams, training dogs, Rigolet, methods of measuring, dog harnesses and family history.

Alder Ford (Interview)

Interview by Rebecca Roome with Alder Ford. About Island Harbour, Happy Valley, North West Territories, schooners, Newfoundland fishers, icebergs, and Fords Arm,

Joannie Martin (Interview)

Interview by Bob Schneider with Joannie Martin. About the Cartwright Mission, genealogy, Marconi, rangers, holidays, customs,

Stewart Michelin (Interview)

Interview by Nigel Markham with Stewart Michelin. About trapping, North West River, Mud Lake, Rigolet, salmon fishing, hospital fire, Dr. Paddon, Hudson's Bay Company, Cartwright, trading, genealogy, bear hunting, music, Donald Smith (Lord St...

Wallace McLean (Interview)

Interview by Doris Saunders with Wallace McLean. About trapping, holidays, tradition, medicine, home remedies, trading posts, wages, family history, occupation, and education.

George Poole (Interview)

Interview by Shelby Learning with George Poole and Alex Poole. About disaster, Battle Harbour, hospital, illnesses, death, occupations, politics, Confederation, communication, and school.

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