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Archival description
Grieve & Bremner fonds
Fonds · 1832-1902, predominant 1863-1902

The fonds consists of the business records of the firm of Grieve and Bremner, for the period of its operation at Trinity, 1863-1902. It includes financial records, correspondence, diaries (photocopies), shipping records and accounts.

The financial records consist of complete sets of ledgers, journals, day books and store books, produce books, account books, stock books etc. from 1863-1902, which provide an account of the firm's business transactions, as well as information on the individual fishermen and planters throughout Trinity and Bonavista Bay, with whom the firm carried on their business. The correspondence includes letters mainly between the firm of Walter Grieve and Co. in St. John's and Grieve and Bremner at Trinity, and invoices of goods shipped by Walter Grieve from Scotland to Trinity. Shipping records include charter parties, sealing agreements, vessel accounts, and other papers relating to sealing and to individual vessels. A small series of accounts includes advances of pay to vessel crews and sealing crews. The fonds provides extensive information on the operation of the business, the sealing operation and the makeup of the crews of the sealing vessels, as well as the individuals who produced fish and produce for the firm.

The records are arranged in six series: Series 1: Diaries, 1875-1886; Series 2: Correspondence, 1848-1890; Series 3: Shipping Records, 1863-1881; Series 4: Accounts, 1865-1899; Series 5: Miscellaneous, 1832-1875; Series 6: Financial records, 1863-1902.

Grieve and Bremner (firm)
Grieve and Bremner fonds
Fonds · 1860-1901

Fonds consists of business records, including correspondence, financial records, journals, ledgers, account books, shipping papers, charter parties, schooner accounts, fish collections and shipments, poor accounts and other material.

The fonds is arranged in five series: Correspondence, 1863-90; Financial records, 1860-1900; Shipping papers, 1867-97; Fisheries papers, 1860-1901; Miscellaneous, 1867-92.

Grieve and Bremner (firm)
Fonds · 1907-1939

The records of the Belleoram branch of Harvey & Company Limited are fragmentary, covering the period 1907-1939. They consist of correspondence and telegraphs, accounts, diaries, daily labour books and some shipping papers; manifests, clearance certificates, schooner accounts and disbursements. A fish accounts book gives accounts of people, mainly women, making fish, quintals made and payments. Accounts for the banking schooner, Rita M. Cluett, give the names of the sharemen and catches per dory. The daily labour books provide a breakdown of the work being carried out on the premises.

The fonds is organized in four series: Correspondence, 1907-1932; Account books, 1909-1939; Diaries and daily labour books, 1923-1933; Shipping papers, 1907-1932, arranged chronologically.

Harvey & Co.
Fonds · 1861-1958

The records of Harvey & Company Limited, St. John's, covers at least two distinct periods in the firm's evolution and have been acquired at different times and from different sources. Most of the original material covers the post-confederation period, and consists of correspondence (1955-1956) and some loose leaf ledgers and journals. There are transcripts of two letter books, dated 1902-1910, by W. G. Gosling, (1863-1930), a shareholder and long time manager for Harvey's. The letterbooks give valuable insight into both the business and other interests in Gosling's life. There is also a photocopy of a diary, dated 1885. Other records relate to the Bay Bulls Development Syndicate, a subsidiary of Harvey's which was established in 1925.

The fonds is arranged in five series: Correspondence and diaries, 1885-1956; Financial records, 1925-1958; Legal documents, 1861-1925; Bay Bulls Development Syndicate, 1925-1934; Miscellaneous.

Harvey & Co.
Fonds · 1909-1947

This fonds contains some of the corporate records of Hawes and Company (London) Ltd. The records include minutes of meetings, trade reports and subject files. There is also a collection of financial records. Fonds is arranged in two series: 1. Administrative records, 1909-1934; 2. Financial records, 1926-1947.

Hawes and Company (London) Ltd.
Hilyard Brothers fonds
Fonds · Photocopied [197?] (originally created 1855-1881)

Fonds consists of photocopied papers selected from the original records held at the New Brunswick Museum, Saint John. The holdings copied for MHA represent approximately ten percent of the Hilyard fonds held by the New Brunswick Museum.

The fonds consists of thirty-three items containing accounts, leases, bills of sale, contracts to build vessels, correspondence, ships' papers and a co-partnership agreement.

The fonds includes accounts (1855-63); leases for shipyard (1857-64); bills of sale for vessels (1856-64), Moss Rose; contracts to build vessels (1855-65); correspondence (1862-80); insurance policy for the Lottie Stewart (1876); ships' papers (1864-81), including the Meeranza at Liverpool, a charter party for the Teresa; and a co-partnership agreement (1869).

Hilyard Brothers (firm)
Fonds · 1880-1961, predominant 1898-1960

Fonds consists of the business records of Cyril and Arthur Hodge at Twillingate and of their predecessors, William Waterman & Co. and J.W. Hodge. It also includes some personal records of the Hodge family.

Fonds is arranged in seven series: Correspondence, 1898-1961; Financial records, 1880-1958; Miscellaneous, 1887-1953; Shipping and fisheries, 1904-1954; Employment records, 1912-1957; Personal records, 1886-1909; Catalogues and price lists, 1911-1952.

Hodge Brothers (Firm)
Fonds · 1896-1927

Fonds consists of the business records for the branch of J.W. Hodge operating at Joe Batt's Arm. The records include 25 ledgers for 1896-1926 and 28 journals for 1900-1927, covering operations by J.W. Hodge from 1898 to 1922 and by his successor, Levi Perry, from 1922 to the late 1920s. Fonds is organized by form of material and arranged chronologically. Partnership changes are noted in the finding aid.

J.W. Hodge. Joe Batt's Arm Branch
James Darrell Gill fonds
Fonds · Photocopied [197?] (originally created 1840-1861)

Fonds consists of a photocopied letter book of James Darrell Gill for 1840-61. It contains letters from New York primarily to family members in St. John's, Newfoundland. The letters are arranged chronologically.

Gill, James Darrell
James W. Carmichael fonds
Fonds · Photocopied 1980 (originally created 1890-1906)

Fonds consists of photocopies of a portion of the business papers of James Carmichael. The letterbooks deal mainly with shipbuilding in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, and other shipping business. The letterbook includes correspondence with shipbrokers such as Scammel Brothers, 1892-1901 and Black, Moore and Co., 1893-94, as well as correspondence with captains, 1891-1906 for the vessels Arnguda, Rock City, Helga, Brynhilda and Swanhilda. The fonds also includes other financial records such as vouchers and disbursements, 1890-1901.

Carmichael, James W.