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Archival description
Financial records
CA NL0053 1 · Series · 1906-1947
Part of Ryan Brothers, Limited (Trinity) fonds

The series consists of all the bound volumes containing the financial records of Ryan Brothers Trinity. The series are quite complete and include, ledgers, 1906-1947, (15 volumes) ledger indexes, 1907-1910 ( 3 volumes); petty ledgers, 1908-1938 (4 volumes); day books, 1907-1943 (16 volumes); journals, 1910-1936 (3 volumes); duty books, 1908-1911; store cash books, 1909-1943 (10 volumes); stock books, 1914-1917 (2 volumes); accounting books, 1908-1944 (3 volumes); landing book, 1908-1915; inventory book, 1912-1919; labour book, 1918-1929; charter book, 1893-1940, (2 volumes); ordering book, 1939-1940; cash book, 1943- 1945. The volumes are arranged in sub-series according to function.

Financial Records
CA NL0053 3.0 · Series · 1879-1964
Part of Anglican Parish of St. Paul, Trinity, Trinity Bay, NL

The series includes all the records having to do with financial matters and consists of: accounts, 1912-1964; weekly offerings, 1915-1957; rector's stipend, 1945-1958; cemetery tax, 1891-1957; labour and cash given for building St. Paul's parsonage stable, 1906; Synod fund, 1879; an account of the Jubilee fund, 1944-1945.

CA NL0053 6.0 · Series · 1863-1902
Part of Grieve & Bremner fonds

The financial records which make up this series provide an almost complete account of the firm's financial transactions for the period that they were in operation at Trinity. They include 23 volumes of journals, 1863-1900; 26 volumes of ledgers, 1863-1902; 13 volumes of petty ledgers, 1879-1901; store books, 1863-1901 (54 volumes); store cash books, 1869-1899 (21 volumes); day books, 1863-1895 (10 volumes); ledger indexes, 1881-1882 ( 2 volumes); cash collecting book, 1870-1871; produce books, 1870-1900 (14 volumes); account books, 1866- 1868 (3 volumes); blotter, 1892-1901 (2 volumes); stock books, 1878-1897 (2 volumes); barter books, 1880-1891 (2 volumes); order book, 1864. This series is arranged in sub-series by function.

Fonds · 1943-1968

The fonds consists of a logbook of the company with an introduction by the Chaplain, Rev. R.S. Sheppard and a record book, 1953-1968. The logbook begins March 26, 1943 and contains a detailed account of the activities of the company. On p.2 there are 8 photographs of a camp held in 1944. The final meeting recorded in the logbook was held in February, 1966. The record book contains the names of the Guides enrolled and an account of their badges etc. Instructions and advice for guides, written by Commissioner Mrs. Sullivan, is included at the back of the book.

1st Trinity Girl Guide Company
Florence Murrin fonds
Fonds · [197-]

The fonds consists of a single scrapbook entitled "Historical photographs and Manuscripts of Trinity, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland by Rev. Edmund Hunt, 1888-1973". The scrapbook contains photographs and historical information about Trinity and the Rev. Edmund Hunt, compiled by Reverend Hunt's daughter, Florence Murrin. The book contains a number of early photographs of Trinity as well as photographs taken by Rev. Hunt that were made into a postcard series for Trinity. The majority of the photographs were taken by Rev. Hunt. The text was compiled by Murrin, borrowing extensively from a book on Trinity authored by her father.

Murrin, Florence
General files
CA NL0053 4.0 · Series · 1869-1988
Part of Trinity Benefit Club fonds

Printed rules and regulations, 1869, 1926; applications and correspondence, and promotional material, clippings and photographs of the 150th Anniversary Celebrations, 1988. Walter G. C. White file containing historical notes and information on the Trinity Club, and Rev. Canon Lockyer History of the Trinity Club, which includes photographs of club presidents.

Gerald Crane Taverner fonds
Fonds · 1951-2005

The Gerald Crane Taverner fonds consists of eighty-four binders, which consists of photocopies of clippings, correspondence, research notes, etc., relating to the Taverner and Vardy families of Trinity and Random Island, respectively.

Taverner, Gerald Crane
Fonds · 1919-1921

Minute book 1919-1921, and correspondence with various marble works obtaining designs and estimates for the monument.

Great War Monument Committee (Trinity, N.L.)