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Old Comrades Association fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1995 - 2001

The fonds consists of various pieces of correspondence, 1995-2001; receipts, 1998-2000; and membership cards, 2000.

Old Comrades Association

Port Elizabeth (Flat Islands) Pastoral Charge fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1874-1967

Fonds consist of records relating to the functional bodies of the Charge which include various boards, committees, organizations and groups. Included are accounts, minutes, subscription and membership lists.

The records are arranged in the following series: Series 1.0 Baptism, marriage and burial records (1873-1974), 2.0 Membership records (1874-1960); 3.0 Board and committee records (1897-1967); and 4.0 Funds/ Congregational financial records (1912-1957).

Port Elizabeth (Flat Islands) Pastoral Charge, (N.L.)

Presentation Congregation Archives Photograph Collection

  • Collection
  • 1865-2000, predominantly 1950-1995

The collection consists of approximately 7250 photographs (1865-2000, predominantly 1950-1995) of which approximately 7000 have been processed; 69 albums; three boxes of slides (ca. 1150); thirteen sheets of negatives (ca. 200); two daguerreotypes (1840s or 1850s), and 25 stereo cards.

The slides are stored in slide cases and are grouped according to a specific theme such as a school or an event. While many of the albums and scrapbooks were given to the archives by various convents, schools and individual Sisters, the archive has also created several albums with the intent to highlight a particular theme or event such as "Jubilees," "The Lantern," and "Social Gatherings."

Approximately 7000 photographs of the collection have been processed. The following information has been deducted from a random sampling of 546 cards from the photograph index: the majority of these photographs, 25%, measure 8.9cm x 8.9 cm ( 3 « x 3 « inches) with the second largest group, 17%, measuring 10.16cm x 15.24cm (4 x 6 inches); 53% of the sample were noted as colour photographs while 43% were noted as black and white; 81% of all the photographs are described as being in good condition with only 2% being rated as poor.

The photographs are organized according to the Presentation Congregation Archives finding aid and therefore cover a wide variety of topics. About one third of the photographs are of the various branches of the Presentation Congregation. The Presentation Motherhouse in Cathedral Square, St. John's has the largest amount of photographs (81) in the collection with the second largest being from Our Lady of Assumption Mission in Davis Inlet (71). Another large group of pictures (ca. 250) depict the Sisters themselves as they go through the process of becoming professed and embrace their ministries. As well, these pictures look at the Sister's personal life, their relationships and visits with family and friends.

A third subject that is given a great deal of attention is education (7cm) and the various schools that the sisters taught in. The final subject identified as a main focus in the collection are the various "Associates" associated with the Presentation Congregation (6cm) such as the Archdiocese of St. John's, Grand Falls, St. George's and Labrador/Schefferville, the various parishes, Archbishops and Bishops, clergy, visitors, and other religious Congregations.

Presentation Congregation Archives

Progressive Painters Group fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1956-1971, 1978

The fonds consists of one notebook, containing the minutes of the Progressive Painters' Group (1956-1961), and career based biographical notes of Millicent King Penney, dated 1978.

Penney, Millicent King

Royal Albert Lodge, Loyal Orange Association Fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1903-1965

The fonds contains four books of by-laws for the Royal Albert Lodge No. 12 for 1903, 1904 and 1906; Constitution and Laws of the Loyal Orange Association of British America for 1904; an Official Directory of Recognized and Constituted Lodges for 1931; Rules and Regulations of the Grand Black Chapter of British America for 1917; Minute Books 1876-1905, 1903-1939,1921/22-1958, 1940, 1950-1956, 1957-1958, 1958-1965; Blue Degree Minutes Book 1940-1958; Royal Scarlet Chapter Minute Book 1910-1946, 1922-1927; Proposition Book 1910-1912; Roll Book 1915; Account Book 1934-1975; Due Book 1956-1960; Annual Returns 1951-1963; Annual Return Grand Lodge of British America, 1964; and Journal of Proceedings 1965.

Loyal Orange Association

Royal Canadian Legion Aural History Project

  • Collection
  • [1944-1968]

Collection contains 29 audio cassette copies and 4 video cassette copies of interviews with Newfoundland members of the Royal Canadian Legion, along with 6 photographs and a photocopy of a diary. The interviews contain information about the personal background, war experience, career accomplishments and Legion activities of 21 individuals from 9 branches of the Legion in Newfoundland: Cluny Brenson, Irene Chaulk, George Babstock, Melvin Dawe, Earl Jewison, Alfred Warren, George Dyke, Howard Mckay, Berkley Evans, Richard Rideout, Albert Garnier, Fred Knight, Hubert Myles, Lillian Elliot, Wilhelmina Caines, George Chalker, Edward Rusted, Walter Williams, Cyril Pelley, Mary Pelley, Ronald O'Keefe. Copies of all these interviews, along with the forms, indexes, transcripts and memorabilia donated by the informants were made and delivered to MUNFLA in 1987.

Royal Canadian Legion

Scouts Canada Provincial Council of Newfoundland and Labrador fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1919-1997

Fonds consists of records created by the scouts administration in Newfoundland, its formation and ongoing business. Records also relate to the functions and activities of the various committees, organizations and group sections.

The records are arranged in the following series: Administrative Files (1912-1996) including Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, reports, briefs, minutes, census records, news releases and clippings, property and deed documents, and correspondence;
Financial Records (Provincial) (1929-1997) including financial statements, correspondence, budget documents, income tax records, revenue development documents, cash books and ledgers; Correspondence (general) (1921-1973);
Insurance Records (1951-1979) containing insurance files created and/or compiled at the provincial level. Note: all insurance other than provincial property is administered at the National level;
Training records (1952-1974) includes material related to leader training and includes correspondence, logs, reports, course outlines, memos, application forms, certificates, finances, programme instructions, agenda and attendance records;
Organized Camping Events (1928-1974) includes agendas and promotional material, registration lists, medical records, and expenses. Included also are correspondence and information on various fundraising events;
Publications (1946-1971) including newsletters and other publications created by the scouts organization in Newfoundland. Includes, memos and draft copies;
Sound Recordings (1960s - 1990s) includes interviews on various scouting related activities including scouting history in Newfoundland, training, fundraising, churches and scouting, and fundraising;
Moving Images (1952-1960) contains film and video tape of various scouting events in the province, Canada and throughout the world. Included are Jamborees, Scouts promotional productions, training, campsite events, provincial camps, backpacking adventures;
World Scouting (1993-1997) includes brochures, reports, mailings, correspondence, and notices.

Scouts Canada. Provincial Council of Newfoundland and Labrador

St. John's Art Club fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1940 - 1976

The fonds consists membership lists (1940-72), various financial records (1946-70), exhibition programs (1945-48, 1950-54), ephemera, and correspondence (1962-76). The fonds also includes several photographs.

St. John's Art Club

St. John's Women's World Day of Prayer Commitee fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1957-1975

The fonds consists of the administrative and financial records, including a notebook (1957-1968), minute book (1957-1967), and records (1968-1974). The fonds also includes photographs of the Women's World Day of Prayer Committee (1957-1974), minutes, correspondence, programs, press releases, schedules, receipts, and newspaper clippings.

St. John's Women's World Day of Prayer Committee

St. Joseph's Parish (St. John's, Newfoundland) fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1859-1979, predominant 1907-1977

Fonds consists of financial statements (1915-25); records relating to the Reverend Gibbs Memorial Committee (1937-40); correspondence relating to building projects, boundaries, Monsignor E. P. Maher, and general parish affairs (1907-77); land deeds and related correspondence (1859, 1913, 1958-71); newspaper clippings and church publications (1954, 1979); a report entitled General Specification of Proposed Parish Church (1953); St. Roch's Club minute book (1928-31); and 12 photographs of the parish church.

St. Joseph's Parish (St. John's, N.L. : Catholic)

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