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Archival description
Fonds · 1942-1947

This fonds contains some of the corporate records of SEAL, 1942-1947. The records include correspondence files, 1946-1947 containing correspondence between the organization and it's members, local telegrams and information memorandum to members and executives. The production records contain information on specific shipments and undertakings. Financial records include a cash book, a accounts ledger and balance sheets. The SEAL fonds is arranged in 3 series: Correspondence; Production records; Financial records.

Spain Exporters Association, Limited
Thomas Aylward fonds
Fonds · Photocopied 1980 (originally created 1885-1901)

Fonds consists of photocopied shipping account books, 1885-93; bills and receipts for cargoes, 1885-1901; expenses for the operation of vessels under Aylward's command including the St. Croix, 1895-97, the St. Paul, the St. Peter and the Avoca, 1894-99; lists of port charges; seamen's wages, 1898-99; and charters, accounts and insurances, 1900-01

Aylward, Thomas
Thomas Lang fonds
Fonds · Microfilmed [196?] (originally created 1780-1864)

Fonds consists of business papers, correspondence, accounts, and estate papers relating to Thomas Lang's business operations at Greenock and Newfoundland.

Fonds is arranged in the following series: Thomas Lang business papers; Correspondence and accounts; Lang correspondence; Business papers; Crawford and Co. papers; Papers of Lang estate; Papers and correspondence.

Lang, Thomas
Thomas Oates & Son fonds
Fonds · Photocopied [197?] (originally created 1852-1858)

Fonds consists of a photocopy of a ledger (1853-1858) which contains accounts of individuals who dealt with Thomas Oates & Son. The ledger also includes a list of the crew of the brigantine Belle for the year 1853, under Thomas Oates Sr., master; sealing agreements (1856, 1858); and some copies of legal documents and correspondence (1852).

Thomas Oates & Son
Thomas Ruck fonds
Fonds · 1713-1722

Fonds consists of company accounts for the New England firm of Thomas Ruck & Company relating to the fish trade in Newfoundland, 1713-1722. Fonds is composed of five ledgers, a journal and a day book containing accounts for the seasonal trade (usually May-Sept) conducted by Ruck in Bay Bulls, Petty Harbour, Quidi Vidi, Torbay, St. John's, Ferryland, Witless Bay, Cape Broyle, Brigus Bay South and Conception Bay, Newfoundland.

Ruck, Thomas
Fonds · 1945-1955

Constitution and Co-operative information, 1947; Correspondence and Newsletters, 1950-1955; Meeting Records, 1945-1952.

Trinity East Co-operative Credit Society Ltd.
Fonds · 1890-1923

The fonds consists of the Articles of Association, Rules and Regulations of the Company from 1890-1918; statements of claims and vessel losses, 1907-1908; invoices and correspondence, 1897-1916; statements of protest, 1894-1918, which provide the evidence for individual claims, giving details of the event surrounding the loss of each vessel, as well as naming all those involved in the event; papers relating to the loss of the Lucille B. Creaser of Trinity; and published lists of vessels insured with the company from 1899-1923.

Trinity Mutual Marine Insurance Company Limited
Fonds · 1905-1944; Gaps exist for the sales reports for the years 1916-18, 1920, 1924

The fonds consists of the business records of the United Nail and Foundry Company Limited. The records include: sales reports for 1905-1929 (not complete); bills and receipts (1936-1944); insurance policy (1936); nail supply contracts (1942-44); and safety certificate (1899).

United Nail and Foundry Company
W.D. Lawrence fonds
Fonds · Microfilmed 1963 (originally created 1835-1908)

Fonds consists of microfilmed account books (1859-1902, 1861-62); a logbook of the brig Aeolus; a book containing newspaper clippings; and loose documents, including indentures, bills of sale and petitions (1835-1908).

Lawrence, W.D. (William Dawson)
William Roche letter book
Fonds · Photocopied 1981 (originally created 1834-1841)

Fonds consists of a photocopy of a letterbook, 1834-1841, belonging to William Roche, partner in the firm of Roche and Kinnear. The correspondence contains information primarily dealing with cargos and the West India trade.

Roche, William Sr.