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Harvey & Company Limited (Belleoram) fonds

  • Fondos
  • 1907-1939

The records of the Belleoram branch of Harvey & Company Limited are fragmentary, covering the period 1907-1939. They consist of correspondence and telegraphs, accounts, diaries, daily labour books and some shipping papers; manifests, clearance certificates, schooner accounts and disbursements. A fish accounts book gives accounts of people, mainly women, making fish, quintals made and payments. Accounts for the banking schooner, Rita M. Cluett, give the names of the sharemen and catches per dory. The daily labour books provide a breakdown of the work being carried out on the premises.

The fonds is organized in four series: Correspondence, 1907-1932; Account books, 1909-1939; Diaries and daily labour books, 1923-1933; Shipping papers, 1907-1932, arranged chronologically.

Harvey & Co.

Miles Ward collection

  • Colección
  • Microfilmed 1988 (originally created 1745-1777)

Collection consists of microfilmed copies of three account books, 1745-1754, 1753-1764, and 1765-1777, showing the history of fishing vessels and the relationships between merchant and individual fishermen over an extended period.

Ward, Miles

Lester-Garland family fonds

  • Fondos
  • Microfilmed 1962 (originally created 1761-1833)

Fonds consists of the microfilmed records of the merchant families of Lester and Garland, including the daily diaries of Benjamin and Isaac Lester. These contain information on the daily activities of their business in Poole and Newfoundland, including information on ships, the fishery, weather, other merchants, and the political climate, giving an unparalleled account of the operation of a Newfoundland business establishment of the time.

The records also include an account of the French occupation of Trinity (July 1762) by Benjamin Lester, as well as the specifications for the construction of naval vessels and the proceedings of the Newfoundland House of Assembly (1834).

Fonds is arranged as follows: Diaries of Benjamin and Isaac Lester, 1761-1796 and 1765-1789; Accounts of the estate of Sir John Lester, 1808; Estate of George Garland, 1826; Benjamin Lester Garland, commissions in the militia, 1803-1831; Letterbooks of George Garland, 1794-1826; John Bingley Garland, appointment, 1833; and Captains' letterbook, 1827-1832.


Newfoundland Associated Fish Exporters Limited fonds

  • Fondos
  • 1947-1970

The fonds consists of the corporate records of NAFEL, 1947-1970. The records include administrative records, correspondence and financial records. Included in the administrative records are circulars to members; market reports; and publications and correspondence of associated companies and organizations, including the Government of Canada, the Fisheries Council of Canada, the Fisheries Research Board of Canada, the International Commission on Northwest Atlantic Fisheries, the Newfoundland Fish Trades Association, the Newfoundland Fisheries Board, the Newfoundland Fisheries Development Committee, North Atlantic Shipping Ltd., Puerto Rico Exporters Ltd., and the Brazil Exporters Ltd. The accounts and ledger system provides a complete record of all financial and production records of NAFEL members.

The NAFEL fonds is arranged in 8 series according to function: Series 1. Correspondence, 1947-1970; Series 2. Administrative office records, 1947-1970; Series 3. Financial records, 1947-1970; Series 4. Operational accounts and ledger system, 1947-1970; Series 5. Insurance records, 1951-1970; Series 6. Affiliated organizations, 1947-1970; Series 7. Maps; Series 8. NAFEL collection, photographs.

Newfoundland Associated Fish Exporters Limited

Edmund J. and Nora Ryan fonds

  • Fondos
  • 1946-1951

Fonds consist of papers relating to the estate of Edmund J. Ryan and his wife Nora Ryan. The fonds includes wills, share certificates, correspondence, inventories and receipts, and a detailed list of the total assets of Nora Ryan.

Ryan, Edmund Joseph

Walter Broomfield collection

  • Colección
  • Photocopied 1980 (originally created in 1932)

Collection consists of photocopied correspondence from Abram Broomfield to his brother Walter Broomfield in 1932.

Bloomfield, Walter

William Pickering collection

  • Colección
  • Microfilmed 1988 (originally created 1695-1718)

Collection consists of microfilmed account books of William Pickering that document the voyages of his two fishing sloops, Speedwell and Content, as well as his dealings with mariners, fishermen, and the tradesmen of Salem's waterfront. The collection also includes a description of the peddling activities of the brigantine Hope in fishing settlements from Ferryland to Bonavista, Newfoundland.

Pickering, William

W.W. Wareham & Sons Ltd. fonds

  • Fondos
  • 1934-1967

Fonds consists of the business records of the firm of W.W. Wareham & Sons Ltd. The majority of the records cover the last 15 years that the firm was operating in Placentia Bay, 1950s-1967, and provide a fairly complete record of the business. The fonds includes financial records, ledgers, journals, stock books, cash accounts, branch and trade accounts; correspondence from suppliers and customers; schooner accounts, fish collection books, fish purchases and sales, production statistics and labour records.

Fonds is arranged in 6 series: Correspondence, 1934-1962; Financial records, 1949-1967; Shipping and fisheries, 1934-1966; Employment, 1949-1961; Personal records, 1947-1949; Miscellaneous, 1966.

W.W. Wareham & Sons

John Job collection

  • Colección
  • [1900-1931]

Collection consists of 2 photograph albums created by the Job family, reflecting the Job business ventures, Job family activities, as well as historical events. The geographic area represented by the photographs is almost exclusively Newfoundland and Labrador, with the exception of photographs from the Search for the Franklin expedition in Hudson Bay (1903-04).

Albums include photographs of the Job premises in St. John's, Quidi Vidi, Placentia, L'Anse au Loop, Blanc Sablon, Little Heart's Ease, Bell Island, and Whitbourne. Images include buildings (interior and exterior), wharves,shipping, and the fishery, including marine fishery, sealing and whaling.

Historical events represented in the albums include the royal visit of the Duke of York (1901), the sealers' strike (1902), the unveiling of the war memorial in St. John's (1924) by Field Marshall Haig, and scenes from the Viking Disaster (1931). The photographs also illustrate the economic activity and the cultural landscape in that era.

Job, William John

J.W. Hiscock Sons Limited fonds

  • Fondos
  • 1907-1982 (predominant dates, 1940-1980)

The fonds consists of the accumulated business records of the firm J.W. Hiscock Sons Limited which operated a fish business at Brigus with branch operations at Smokey Labrador and Trout River on the island's west coast. The majority of the records cover the period from the 1940s through to the 1980s with the earliest material being from 1907.

The fonds contains financial records including ledgers, journals, banking records, fishermen's accounts, fish books giving the amount and value of each fisherman's yearly catch, customer orders, inventory records and statements on account for all areas of operation including Labrador, Gooseberry Cove, Grand La Pierre, Hr. Mille and Little Hearts Ease; Hiscock's accounts with Harvey & Company Limited and Beothic Fish Processors; general correspondence files containing invoices, plant output summaries, payroll statements, records of employment and saltfish inspection certificates; Newfoundland Fish Trades Association circulars, Bulletin published monthly by the Fisheries Council of Canada and Memo published by the Fisheries Council of Canada and other published material from various fishery related organizations and government agencies; labour records of the firm's store employees and its fishermen as well as fishermen's earning records including earning summaries which include incomes by species caught; Insurance records relating to the firm's own insurance policies and its insurance sales as agent for W.A. Munn & Co.; fish collection books containing the quantity, grade and price of fish purchased from individual fishermen, fish shipment records documenting the quantity and cull for individual shipments, plant output reports compiled by the Canadian Salt Fish Corporation listing the production and markets for each shipment; expense accounts for the firm's vessels Mary Ruth, Harriet and Vivian and Lady MacDonald and a salt barge used for storage; records of the sale of coal; Records of the firm's membership and affiliation with the Newfoundland Associated Fish Exporters Limited (NAFEL); income and expense records for the firm's Blueberry Division; files relating to the Newfoundland Department of Fisheries Gear Subsidy Program, many of which were later seized as part of an RCMP investigation into that program.

Two photographs which were in this fonds have been removed and are filed in MHA photograph file PF-308. The fonds is arranged in eleven series: Financial records, 1907-1982; General office files, 1930-1980; Newfoundland Fish Trades Association circulars and enclosures, 1960-1968; Labour records, 1940-1979; Insurance records, 1950-1976; Fish purchase and shipment production books, 1950-1980; Vessel records, 1946-1976; Coal sales records, 1941-1963; Published material; Accounts, 1910-1921, 1949-1976; Miscellaneous records 1912-1917, 1944-1978.

J.W. Hiscock Sons

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