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Harvey & Company Limited (Belleoram) fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1907-1939

The records of the Belleoram branch of Harvey & Company Limited are fragmentary, covering the period 1907-1939. They consist of correspondence and telegraphs, accounts, diaries, daily labour books and some shipping papers; manifests, clearance certificates, schooner accounts and disbursements. A fish accounts book gives accounts of people, mainly women, making fish, quintals made and payments. Accounts for the banking schooner, Rita M. Cluett, give the names of the sharemen and catches per dory. The daily labour books provide a breakdown of the work being carried out on the premises.

The fonds is organized in four series: Correspondence, 1907-1932; Account books, 1909-1939; Diaries and daily labour books, 1923-1933; Shipping papers, 1907-1932, arranged chronologically.

Harvey & Co.

Harvey & Company Limited fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1861-1958

The records of Harvey & Company Limited, St. John's, covers at least two distinct periods in the firm's evolution and have been acquired at different times and from different sources. Most of the original material covers the post-confederation period, and consists of correspondence (1955-1956) and some loose leaf ledgers and journals. There are transcripts of two letter books, dated 1902-1910, by W. G. Gosling, (1863-1930), a shareholder and long time manager for Harvey's. The letterbooks give valuable insight into both the business and other interests in Gosling's life. There is also a photocopy of a diary, dated 1885. Other records relate to the Bay Bulls Development Syndicate, a subsidiary of Harvey's which was established in 1925.

The fonds is arranged in five series: Correspondence and diaries, 1885-1956; Financial records, 1925-1958; Legal documents, 1861-1925; Bay Bulls Development Syndicate, 1925-1934; Miscellaneous.

Harvey & Co.

Harvey Goudie (Interview)

Inteview by Isaac Rich with Harvey Goudie. About trapping, Churchill Falls, the fur business, North West River, canoeing accidents, genealogy, drowning, Lobstick Lake, Hudson's Bay Company, Seven Islands River, Osakumu, World War 2, otters, Muskrat Falls, bears,

Harvey Mesher collection

  • CA Them Days APL 107
  • Collection
  • 1916 - 1986

Collection consists of a telegram from Neta and Arnold ? (1956), various photocopies of correspondence between Harvey Mesher and others; handwritten copy and a typewritten copy of personal accounts of life in Sandwich Bay by Harvey Mesher; a photocopy of the CARTWRIGHTER, vol. 4, no. 12, (1940), a photocopy of THE LABRADORITE vol. 2, no. 4 (1965), a clipping entitled: ‘Bargain Basement No Longer’ (1975), copy of Labrador Heritage Society Newsletter; a Newfoundland Confederation Celebration calendar (1974); an assignment paper written by Alicia M. Eaton on Harvey Mesher, (1979), a copy of an agreement between Hudson’s Bay Company and the Church of England regarding land (1916), a copy of a Christmas program (1930), a copy of fishing boat registration, a photocopy of a custom house paper (1935), Defense regulations and correspondence from the Department of Secretary of State to Harvey Mesher (1942), a copy of National Defense registration, a Newfoundland Federation of Fisheries membership card (1951-52); a captain Earl Winsor election poster with map of Labrador and words from Joseph Smallwood (Election Promises), original flyer; a letter to commissioner Edwards from Harvey Mesher (1966), certification of Birth and Baptism of Harvey Mesher, a poem written by Harvey Mesher entitled: ‘The Rose of Tennessee’, a letter to the editor of THE EVENING TELEGRAM from Harvey Mesher (1972); 2 booklets entitled: ‘Government of Newfoundland: Northern Newfoundland Conference’ (1956), and ‘Province of Newfoundland: Annual Conference of Welfare Officers and Senior Staff of Department of Social Services and Rehabilitation’ (original booklets); a letter from W.A. Paddon MD to Harvey Mesher (1960); a magazine entitled: DATELINE LABRADOR (1965), a booklet entitled: ‘Heritage of the Sea.. Our Case on Offshore Mineral Rights’; and a copy of ‘Our Case: Premier Smallwood’s Statement of Policy’.

Harvey Mesher

Harvey Mesher (Interview)

Doris Saunders being interviewing Harvey Mesher. Talking of fishing and fisheries. The boats that were bought by Harvey's father. Talk of a bad flu that hit his town and killed several people.Games and toys that he played with as a child, like skating and football. Talk of fond memories of Christmas and the toys and how family was important.

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