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Donald Wetmore fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1942-1945, 1950, 1959

The material consists of programmes, flyers, newspaper clippings, lists and photographs relating to the activities of Donald Wetmore with the YMCA in St. John's from 1942 to 1945. There is also a speech and rough notes dating from about 1950, when he spoke in honour of Don Jamieson, reflecting on their work together in the war years, as well as a photograph from 1959 showing him with Jamieson in the CJON television studio. The material is arranged in two series according to format. Correspondence relating to the collection and extracts from Donald Wetmore fonds, held at the Provincial Archives of Nova Scotia, are filed as an appendix to the fonds.

Wetmore, Donald

J.E. Gilpatrick fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1941-1942

The fonds consists of a collection of letters, postcards, photographs, newspaper clippings, minutes of barracks committee meetings, official memos, U.S. Base publications, theatre programs and schedules, poems, miscellaneous receipts, stamped envelopes, a map and beer mat, which were pasted into two scrapbooks. The items were arranged chronologically as they were received by Mrs. Elsie P. Gilpatrick from her husband, Jerome E. Gilpatrick, while he was serving in Argentia, Newfoundland, from March 1941 to August 1942.

The most significant part of the collection is the correspondence, detailing the daily life, concerns and complaints of the men during the construction of the U.S. Naval Base, and the personal concerns of Mr. Gilpatrick and his family. To round out his description, Mr. Gilpatrick also sent ephemera such as the theatre programs, the base newsletter, photographs and official memos, resulting in an interesting portrait of this little American colony in Newfoundland in the early years of World War Two. There is some incidental commentary on the wider arena of the war and of Newfoundland.

The scrapbooks were carefully dismembered after taking sample photographs of their condition and compiling a page by page index of their contents. The material has been arranged in series according to form and function, and in the chronological order of their creation, as far as possible. Series are as follows: Series 1.00, Correspondence; Series 2.00, Photographs; Series 3.00, Newspaper clippings; Series 4.00, Memos; Series 5.00, Minutes; Series 6.00, Publications; Series 7.00, Theatre schedules; Series 8.00, Poems; Series 9.00, Miscellanea.

Gilpatrick, J.E.

Newfoundland and Labrador Association for the Aging fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1965-1985

The material consists of textual records of the functions and activities of the Association, including a collection of papers, articles, speeches, periodicals, brochures and reports relating to the various topics dealt with by the Association in its conferences and seminars, or forums attended by its executive members. A small number of photographs of senior citizen housing in Prince Edward Island is in the file relating to housing [9.02]. The alphabetical list of files as processed in 1984 is preserved in Appendix 1, but some material in the cabinet had not been included in that process. The material has been rearranged according to form and function, with weeding of duplicates. Some published material has been retained within the fonds as it relates directly to themes or topics of conferences or projects. Other material has been listed in appendices, and periodical material has been removed to the library of the Newfoundland Historical Society.

The bulk of the records come from the activities of Dr. Stella Burry, president 1975-79 and active executive member, Joyce Nevitt, president 1980-1, 1984-85, active executive member, chair of the education committee, and newsletter editor, and from Norman Pinhorn, treasurer 1980-82. The working file of Joyce Nevitt as president, and a binder compiled by two successive secretaries, Rev. J.F. Ayris and Ada Spencer, 1977-78, have been retained as samples of how the association operated. The material has been arranged in the following series: Series 1.00, Constitution; Series 2.00, Minutes; Series 3.00, Financial records; Series 4.00, Correspondence; Series 5.00, Working files of executive members; Series 6.00, Newsletters; Series 7.00, Conferences, workshops, seminars; Series 8.00, Reports, surveys, projects; Series 9.00, Topics; Series 10.00, Newspaper clippings. Appendices include file lists, non-NLAA conference papers, programmes; non-NLAA articles, papers; non-NLAA reports; non-NLAA speeches; Health & Welfare Canada. New Horizons; Health & Welfare Canada. Press releases etc. list of periodical holdings.

Newfoundland and Labrador Association for the Aging

Rev. George M. Johnson fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1855-1862

The fonds consists of 15 diaries in the form of numbered booklets of around 30 - 32 pages each, handwritten, with the inclusive dates recorded on the front cover. The collection starts with Diary 13, March 11 to May 8, 1855, moves to Diaries 33 - 35, November 6, 1858 to June 20, 1859, and finally Diaries 45 - 55, December 18, 1860 to December 31, 1862. The location of the missing diaries, which presumably started with his incumbency at Portugal Cove and included a trip to Labrador and the death of his first wife in 1860, is unknown.

The diaries record the weather, the texts on which all his sermons were preached, the size of the congregations, number of communicants, amount of offetory and other collections, names of the sick and other parishioners visited, baptisms, churching of women, burials and occasional weddings. His duties took him on many journeys, walking, on horse back, by cart and by catamaran, to visit his various parishes, as well as on visits to his brother R. Malcolm Johnson, friends, fellow clergymen, church services, meetings and the Colonial Building. Personal activities, such as tending his horse and garden, reading, writing sermons and letters, listening to his children's lessons, picnicking and boating, are also listed. There is very little reflection on the politics or worldly news of the day.

Johnson, George M.

Rev. William Charles Shears fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1864-1903

The letters range over the period from 1864 to 1903, though there is nothing between 1874 and 1898. The correspondents include Edward Feild, Bishop of Newfoundland; Shears' future wife, Emma Laura Harvey; his brother Fred; and his good friend Robert Holland Taylor, Anglican incumbent of Brigus parish from the early 1860's to 1886, and of Baltimore, NJ, from at least 1898 to 1903. The five photographs, all albumen prints in carte-de-visite form, were in one envelope, but only one is identified and dated, July 14, 1865. The material has been arranged in two series, with an appendix: Series 1.00, Textual materials; Series 2.00, Photographs; Appendix 1, Correspondence and other material relating to the collection.

Shears, William Charles

Sara M. Coady fonds

  • Fonds
  • [18-]-1987

The textual records consist mainly of information concerning Miss Coady's career from 1922 to 1966, including official documents, letters, publications, presentations, and notes written by Miss Coady. There is also a small collection of newspaper clippings from the 1940's, and seven photographs, ranging from an albumen print of Trepassey catholic church to a snapshot of Miss Coady in 1968. The material came to the Society in six folders labelled as follows: "Skit or drama materials for use in Adult Ed. Programmes in Nfld - (1930-40-"; "Miss Coady's Reports on Various Adult Schools in Nfld Communities, 1935-40-50"; "Miss Sarah Coady Personal letters & career advancement and her educational career"; "Local Nfld Adult Education publications"; "Miscellaneous material gathered by Miss Coady from U.S.A. etc and Nfld Govt. materials & T.B. Association circulars"; "Miss Coady's Scrapbook Clippings". This order has been maintained to a large extent, documenting her career in chronological order. The photographs have been listed as a separate series.

Coady, Sara M.

Thomas Roberts fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1865-1916; predominant 1903

The fonds consists of a diary and photo album compiled by Thomas Roberts on his trip to Newfoundland in 1903, and a letter received from a cousin in Montreal while he was in Brigus. There is also a prayer book which belonged to a family member, and various Newfoundland, Canadian and British one cent or one penny coins dating from 1865 to 1916. The material has been arranged in three series, with non-original material concerning Mr. Roberts, together with correspondence between Mrs. Newton and Bobbie Robertson, Secretary of the Newfoundland Historical Society, being placed in an appendix. Series are as follows: Series 1.00, Textual materials; Series 2.00, Photographs; Series 3.00, Coins; Appendix 1, Correspondence and other material relating to the collection.

Roberts, Thomas