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Women's Groups Records

Series consists of records of various women's groups that were organized in the area. Minute books also include lists of members and attendance records. Included are Women's Association: Minutes Broad Cove 1946-1962; Women's Association: Minutes, Blackhead, 1945-1958; Parsonage and Ladies Aid and Women's Association, Blackhead, minutes, 1923-1943, 1952-1957; United Church Women, Blackhead, accounts book, 1957-1989, minutes, 1962-1965, United Church Women, Western Bay, minutes and attendance sheets, 1967-1988, cash book, 1957-1989, United Church Women, Broad Cove, minutes, 1962-1975; Ladies Auxiliary, Blackhead, minutes, 1958-1982; Ladies Aid Broad Cove, financial accounts, and minutes,1933-1959, Ladies Aid, Ochre Pit Cove, accounts , 1943-1950; attendance records 1952-1962; minutes, 1936-1962; Women's missionary society, Blackhead, treasurer's book, 1951-1961, minutes, 1923-1927, 1927-1932 1947-1954, 1954-1961, and correspondence regarding 50th anniversary, 1959; Women's Patriotic Association minutes, Blackhead, 1942-1946; Christian Education Committee, Blackhead pastoral charge, minutes 1963-1970.

Property Records

Series consists of sale of land documents. Includes record of sale of land in Ochre Pit Cove, 1906 (see Board and committee records for bill of sale of land in Blackhead 1931).

Membership Records

Series consists of various membership and family lists for the charge.

Note: Other records relating to membership are found in financial records (especially subscription lists) and in the records of boards, committees, and organizations.

Youth Groups Records

Series consists of minutes, accounts, membership information, and attendance lists. Included are Young Peoples Society, Blackhead circuit, minutes and attendance lists, 1935; Young Peoples Union, Blackhead, minutes, 1948-1955, accounts, 1947-1952, members 1947-1952, treasurers book, 1943-1952; and Tuxis Group minutes, Western Bay, 1966-1967.

Church Publications/Histories

Series consists of Order of service, charge history, and miscellaneous articles. Included are:
Order of Service, 200 years of Methodism in Blackhead, 1973; Blackhead Methodist Church Historical Review by F. Burnham Gill, 1982; A brief outline of the history of Methodism at Blackhead, by D. A. Bacon, 1973; Miscellaneous articles including a chronology of church history in the area, 1765-1912.

Education Records

Series consists of minutes and accounts. Included are Blackhead Board of Education, accounts, 1905-1936, Ledger, 1935-1952; minutes, 1875-1950; and Board of Education minutes, Western Bay, 1875, 1909-1945.

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