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Them Days Tape collection
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Stan Trimm & Robert Trimm (Interview)

Interview by Peggy Hancock with Robert Trimm and Stanley Trimm. About fishing, schooners, traditions, family history, marriages, the whaling factory, hunting, trapping, fugitives, runaways, lifestyle, laws, wildlife, tragedy, confederation, the Great Depression, hospital, food, clothing, craftwork, and music.

John Edmunds (Interview)

Interview by Nigel Markham with John Edmunds. About lifestyle, seals, cooking, death, ghost stories, genealogy, family history, fishing, home remedies and illness.

Ben Best (Interview)

Interview by Irene Hope with Ben Best about ghost stories, business, genealogy, supplies, customs, church, trapping, hospital, mail, cooking, Christmas, Easter, school, death, telephone, and electricity.

Ann Ritch (Interview)

Interview by Irene Hope with Anne Rich. About genealogy, occupation, home remedies, hunting, cooking, death, trapping, seal hunting, business, and Easter.

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