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CA NL0053 2.0 · Série organique · 1809-1852
Fait partie de Slade fonds

The Slade diaries contain a day to day account of Slade's business at Trinity, as well as general information on the state of the fishery, shipping, weather and comings and goings in the community. Sometimes entitled "Remarks" and at other times "Occurrences", the diaries were kept by William Kelson, the manager for the company at Trinity from 1809-1851. The series includes a complete set of photocopied diaries from 1809-1852, and three original volumes, 1827-1829, 1835-1839, 1839-1843.

Predecessor records
CA NL0053 4 · Série organique · 1892-1905
Fait partie de Ryan Brothers, Limited (Trinity) fonds

Two volumes that probably originate with either James Ryan & Company, King's Cove or James Ryan, Bonavista. Shareman's Wages, 1904-1905 lists shares paid per individual vessel involved in the Labrador fishery. Bookkeeper John White. Ledger, 1892-1893 lists debts owing to the end of the year. Both include individuals from Bonavista Bay.

Fonds · 1888-1965

The fonds consists of Vestry Registers for 1888-1965; minutes of meetings of congregation for 1934-1965; account books, 1926-1965; and accounts of collections and offerings, 1952-1964.

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Fonds · 1905 - 1965

The fonds contains minutes and attendance of the C.E.W.A. meetings, 1905-1965; accounts, 1927-1965; a record of altar work; an account of collections for a new church from 1920 onwards; annual report for 1961-63 and Christmas letters for 1959, 1962 and 1963.

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