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Records Relating to the Pioneer Sisters in Newfoundland

Series consists of original correspondence (1883, 1845 and 1986); copies and/or transcriptions of correspondence (1833-1834, 1865 and 1889); and photographs. As well, series contains reference material such as newspaper/journal articles, obituaries, and speeches which reflect the lives of the pioneer Sisters and the beginnings of the Presentation Congregation in Newfoundland.

Records Relating to Reverend Mothers Prior to Amalgamation

Series consists of original correspondence (1981) and religious vow documents (1846-1856). Copies and/or transcriptions of correspondence (1885-1899, 1952) and a religious vow document in Latin (1883). As well, series contains reference material such as newspaper articles and obituaries which reflect the vocation, leadership and life of each Reverend Mother.

Records relating to foundations in Newfoundland and Elsewhere

Series consists of originals and copies of: correspondence (1876-2002); financial records (1876-1877,1964-89); Vow registers (1853-54, 1905, 1907); legal documents (1852, 1886, 1974, 1984); minutes of meetings/election reports (1961-1986); annual visitation reports (1962-1965,1988); Latin documents (1845, 1891, 1950, 1959, 1964, 1972); French documents (1845, 1865, 1867); four blueprints (1953); one technical drawing (1886); and photographs. As well, series consists of reference material such as news articles, books, ceremony booklets, statistical data, graduation addresses, and reports about each of the fifty-one foundations.

Rev. Jeremiah O'Donnell fonds

  • Archief
  • 1814, 1840-1891

Fonds consists of records related to Rev. Jeremiah O'Donnell, including canonical documents. Fonds also includes newspaper clippings, and printed material related to his life.

O'Donnell, Jeremiah

Cochrane Street United Church (St. John's, Newfoundland) fonds

  • Archief
  • 1882-2006

The fonds consists of records which document the work and activities of Cochrane Street United Church congregation, its boards and committees and its organizations, with the records starting in 1882.

The records consist of the administrative records of the congregation which include the Quarterly Official Board, the Boards of Session and Stewards, their committees, both standing and ad hoc, and the Board of Management starting in 1987, and its committees. The fonds also includes financial records, comprising of financial statements and reports as well as some audited reports. Also included are vital statistic records dating from the independence of the congregation in 1890 and membership records dating from 1916. Annual reports, many of which were published, are included. Women's and men's groups, youth groups, and Sunday School records are also a part of this fonds.

The records are arranged in the following series: board and committee records (1882-2005); financial records (1935-2004); legal records (1876-1981); baptism, marriage and burial records (1890-2006); membership records (1891-2005); congregational meetings (1930-2003); annual reports (1916-2005, predominant 1948-2005); general correspondence (1979-2003); Sunday School records [1886-198-]; youth groups records [196-]-[199-]; women's groups records (1931-2005); men's groups records [191-]-2001; related records ([19-]-2004).

Cochrane Street United Church (St. John's, N.L.)

Sunday School records

Series consists of minutes of the administration of the Sunday School for [1886]-1922 including financial statements; Board of Directors minutes 1962-1963, and Bible Class (teenage children) minutes 1964-1965 including annual reports and correspondence. Also a part of this series are attendance and membership records including students and teachers for 1914-1921, Beginner's Department 1924-1930, 1961-1962, Junior Church 1954-1933, Attendance roll [196-?] and a list of students and teachers [196-].

Other records comprising this series are financial records: account book 1961-1967; donation envelopes 1961-1963; and a single invoice for 1960; reports 1963-1964; a significant piece of correspondence dated 1924 which is a letter from missionary in China with translation and supporting documentation, as well as several pieces of correspondence dated 1962-1963. A miscellaneous group of records consists of service bulletins [191-]-[192-], cradle roll certificates [195-]-[196-], collection envelopes [191-]-[192-?], Sunday School Library Book Catalogue [19-], Sunday School curriculum material 1933-1934, 1938, [195-?], [198-], invitation to attend Sunday School [19-], invitation and program for nursery party 1965, and the Sunday School Institute round table discussion program [19-].

General correspondence

Series consists of a file of miscellaneous correspondence, not attributable to any particular organization or body in the congregation. They include letters to the congregation from the minister of the time, notices about activities within the congregation and received correspondence from various sources. These records cover the years 1979-1985, 1992-2003.

Board of Management and Committee records

Sub-series consists of Board of Management records consisting of administrative records comprising several versions of constitution of the Board 1987-1990; organizational structure of the Board 1987; mission statements 1991, 1996; minutes of Board 1987-2004; correspondence 1986-1988, 1990-1997, 1999-2004; and minister's reports to Board 1987 Mar-Dec, 1988 [Dec].

Board of Management Committees described in this sub-series are Church Life and Worship Committee and its subcommittees, Mission and Outreach Committee, Property Committee, and a number of smaller Committees.

Church Life and Worship Committee records consist of organizational structure [1987]; minutes 1987-2002; reports 1987, 1992 Sept. 1995 Jan. 2002 Sept. Nov. 2004 Nov.; correspondence 1987-1989, 1991, 1993, 1995-1998, 2000; lists of persons making memorial donations to the church 1981-1988, 1988-[1995]; and a photographic Church Directory 2000.

Worship and Sacrament sub-committee records consist of terms of reference [1987] and minutes 1987-1989. Pastoral Care sub-committee records are minutes 1987 and an annual report 1990. Christian Education sub-Committee records are terms of reference [1987], minutes 1987-1988, 1992, 1995, reports [199-], and miscellaneous correspondence and other records [199-].

Mission and Outreach Committee records consist of minutes 1987 (3 mtgs.), includes goals and objectives; 1988 (3 mtgs.), 1989 (4 mtgs.), 1990 (4 mtgs.), 1991 (1 mtg), 1992 (3 mtgs.), reports 1993, 1994 (includes some correspondence) and social outreach proposals 1986, 1988.

Property Committee records consist of minutes 1987 (3 mtgs.), 1990 (1 mtg), 1992 (1 mtg), 1993 (1 mtg), 1994 (4 mtgs.), 1996 (1 mtg), 2003 (signed set); general correspondence 1994-2005; correspondence and reports relating to oil spill 2002; correspondence, quotes, permits relating to renovations 1987-2001; operational records concerning inspections, fire and life safety 1994-2003; service agreements 1997-2002; and a small number of reports and guidelines relating to the use of the church building [198-]-2001.

There are a number of other committees which are arranged as follows: Usher Committee minutes 1995, schedules 1988-1989 and a report 1987; New church Development / Redevelopment Committee minutes, correspondence, and reports 1988-1989; Planning and Priorities Committee minutes and reports 1988-1992; Pastoral Relations Committee report [199-]; Needs Assessment Committee report 2002; Ad hoc Committee re oil spill and financial situation minutes, correspondence and reports 2002-2003; Finance Committee minutes 1998, discussion notes 2001, and treasurer's reports 1991, 1994-2000; Lay Training Committee report to national church 1995; Ministry and Personnel Committee reports and correspondence 1987-2002.

A final group of records are reports to Board from East District meetings 1995, 1996.

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