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Rev. Thomas Coady fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1810-1862

Fonds consist of letters of appointment and obituary of Rev. Thomas Coady.

Coady, Thomas

Algernon Willis fonds

  • CA Them Days APL 891
  • Fonds
  • 1864

This is Algernon Willis’s journal of his voyage to Labrador from Boston from July 1 to September 5, 1864. It was transcribed by his great-granddaughter, Penelope Pendleton Beye. This typed journal is about 50 pages.

Thomas Lang fonds

  • Fonds
  • Microfilmed [196?] (originally created 1780-1864)

Fonds consists of business papers, correspondence, accounts, and estate papers relating to Thomas Lang's business operations at Greenock and Newfoundland.

Fonds is arranged in the following series: Thomas Lang business papers; Correspondence and accounts; Lang correspondence; Business papers; Crawford and Co. papers; Papers of Lang estate; Papers and correspondence.

Lang, Thomas

Robert Slade & Company collection

  • Collection
  • 1783-1865

Collection consists of original material and reproductions collected by Dr. Keith Matthews, including business records and ledgers, 1806-1822; diaries, 1809-1852; fish collection books, 1791-1852; and some correspondence and letter books. There is also a series of Matthews' notes taken from Slade documents for the period 1783-1858. Photocopies predominate.

Collection is arranged in eight series which reflect the administrative structure of the business: Robert Slade, Trinity, 1806-1822; Slade and Kelson, Trinity, 1822-1839; Executors of Robert Slade Sr., 1839-1852; Robert Slade & Company, Trinity, 1851-1860; Slade and Cox, Fogo and Twillingate, 1818-1837; John Slade and Co., Fogo and Twillingate, 1791-1865; John Slade and Co., Labrador, 1791-1832; Keith Matthews' notes on documents dated 1783-1858.

Robert Slade & Company

Saunders and Sweetman fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1788-1865

The fonds consists of the business records of the Saunders and Sweetman firm. The record include: bills of sale; lease agreements, employment agreements; bills of lading for the sailing vessel Providence; a ledger-sheet; a list of disbursement for the schooner Mary; business contracts; an insurance policy; a character reference; correspondence; survey of road conditions between St. John's and Bay Bulls (1835); specifications for Court house, Placentia (1834); last will and testament of Owen Mercer (1751); and a letterbook.

Saunders and Sweetman (firm)

Rev. John T. Vereker fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1823, 1850-1867

Fonds consists of records related to Rev. John T. Vereker, including baptismal and canonical documents of ordination and appointment. The fonds also includes fishermen's dues book (ledgers which recorded contributions by fishermen in St. John's and environs to the Catholic Church) for 1859, 1861 and 1864. Fonds also includes newspaper clippings and printed material related to his life and activities.

Vereker, John T.

Colonial Office fonds

  • Fonds
  • Microfilmed [197?] (originally created 1623-1867)

Fonds consists of microfilmed records in selected series of the Colonial Office records. Reproductions of shipping returns and records related to the international marine economy predominate. Shipping returns usually detailed vessels entered and cleared, masters' names, vessel rig and tonnage, place of vessel construction and registration, owners, cargo, origins and destinations.

The fonds also includes entry books (out-going correspondence and attachments), acts ( proclamations, ordinances, colonial legislation), government gazettes (official gazettes published in the colonies), miscellanea (colonial newspapers, Blue Books of Statistics, assorted reports and memoranda), and indices and registers.

Records are arranged in 21 series: The series relevant to Newfoundland are: Series CO 195. Newfoundland. Entry Books, 1623-1867; Series CO 199. Newfoundland. Miscellanea, 1677-1838.

The series relevant to Canada are: Series CO 193. New Brunswick. Miscellanea, 1786-1865; Series CO 221. Nova Scotia and Cape Breton. Miscellanea, 1748-1866; Series CO 228. Prince Edward Island. Acts, 1770-1864; Series CO 306. Vancouver Island. Acts, 1853-1863; Series CO 308. Vancouver Island. Government Gazettes, 1864-66.

The series relevant to other British colonies are : Series CO 27, Bahamas. Shipping returns, 1721-1815; Series CO 33. Barbados. Shipping returns, 1678-1818; Series CO 41. Bermuda. Shipping returns, 1715-1820; Series CO 76. Dominica. Shipping returns, 1764-1819; Series CO 106. Grenada. Shipping returns, 1763-1816; Series CO 142. Jamaica. Shipping returns, 1765-1818; Series CO 157. Leeward Islands. Shipping returns, 1863-1720; Series CO 187. Nevis. Shipping returns, 1704-29; Series CO . St. Christopher. Shipping returns, 1763-1787; Series CO 265. St. Vincent. Shipping returns, 1763-1812; Series CO 290. Tobago. Shipping returns, 1766-1815.

The remaining series are: Series CO 325 Colonies General. Miscellanea, 1790-1854; Series CO 390 Board of Trade. (Commercial), Miscellanea, 1675-1731; Series CO Indexes and registers, 1703-1898.

Great Britain. Colonial Office

Rev. Alexis Bélanger fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1808-1868

Fonds consists of records related to Rev. Belanger, including his baptismal certificate, canonical certificates of ordination, and correspondence. Fonds also includes newspaper clippings and printed material related to his life.

Bélanger, Alexis

Bishop John Thomas Mullock fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1850-1868

Fonds includes documentation concerning Mullock's ecclesiastical appointments, correspondence as Bishop of Newfoundland (1850-68); lectures on Newfoundland (1860); circular and pastoral letters (1850-68); diaries and journals (1850-63); manuscript concerning the Catholic church in Newfoundland; financial accounts (1859-63); subscriptions by Newfoundland fishermen and sealers for the support of Catholic church (1859-64); a scrapbook compiled by Mullock (ca. 1860); and his will (1865). Fonds also includes printed material related to life and activities of Mullock added by Archdiocesan staff.

Fonds is arranged in the following series: 1. Correspondence and other material; 2. Diaries and journals; 3. Scrapbook.

Mullock, John Thomas

Archdeacon Kyran Walsh fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1809, 1839-1868

Fonds consists of records related to Archdeacon Kyran Walsh including canonical documents of ordination and appointment. Fonds also includes newspaper clippings and printed material related to his life.

Walsh, Kyran

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