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Joannie Martin (Interview)

Interview by Bob Schneider with Joanne Martin. About Genealogy, family history, Cartwright, fishing, trapping, Hudson's Bay Company, salmon collecting, the Grenfell Mission, hunting, Black Tickle, holidays and traditions.

Stewart Michelin (Interview)

Interview by Nigel Markham with Stewart Michelin. About trapping, North West River, Mud Lake, Rigolet, salmon fishing, hospital fire, Dr. Paddon, Hudson's Bay Company, Cartwright, trading, genealogy, bear hunting, music, Donald Smith (Lord Strathcona), and hunting.

John Montague (Interview)

Interview by Isaac Rich with John Montague. About the fur trade, the First World War, geography, hunting, sealing, Hudson's Bay Company, fishing, trapping, caribou, the Grenfell Mission, and old age pension.

John Martin & Charlotte Martin & Ida Sheppard (Interview)

Interview by Doris Saunders and Irene Petetin with John (Jack) Martin, Charlotte (Lottie) Martin, and Ida Sheppard. About tragedy, dreams, visions, traveling, trapping, hunting regulations, education, illness, family history, genealogy, relocation, occupations, weddings, and education.

Wallace McLean (Interview)

Interview by Doris Saunders with Wallace McLean. About trapping, holidays, tradition, medicine, home remedies, trading posts, wages, family history, occupation, and education.

F.W. Peacock (CBC History Series)

Interview by Joseph Goudie with Rev. F.W. Peacock for teh CBC Labrador History Series. About graves, drum dance, music,radio station, Nain and Moravian Festivals

Edna Perrett (Interview)

Interview by Doris Saunders with Edna Perrett. About Childhood, education occupations, holidays, wages, disasters, dog teams, summer activities, hunting, and tourists.

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