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Archival description
Dr. James Barrowman fonds
CA NL0001 004 · Fonds · 1960-1993

Fonds consists of correspondence, teaching notes, research materials and articles, and photographic material relating to Dr. James Barrowman and his work in the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Fonds is composed of the following series:
1.0 Correspondence and Miscellaneous Materials, 1974-1990, (Contains restricted material)
2.0 Teaching Materials, [between 1974 and 1991], (Contains restricted material)
3.0 Research Materials, 1964-1989, (Contains restricted material)
4.0 Photographs and Slides, [19-?-1990], [predominant, 1970-1990]
5.0 Essays, Experiments, Studies, Workshops, Correspondence and Papers, 1960-1993 (Contains restricted Material)

CA NL0001 005 · Fonds · 1967-1979

Fonds consists of material (mostly newspaper articles) relating to the planning, construction, staffing, and administration of the Medical School at Memorial University and the Health Sciences Centre in which it operates. There are photographs of the first staff members and the first medical students to work at the School. Fonds is composed of the following series:

  1. Miscellaneous Faculty of Medicine Material, 1968-1978
  2. Photographs, 1970-1974
  3. Newspaper articles, 1967-1979
Dr. A.R. Cox fonds
CA NL0001 006 · Fonds · 1926, 1971-2001; predominant 1971-1987

Fonds consists of material relating to Dr. A. R. Cox and his teaching and research activities in the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial. There is also much material relating directly to the construction of the Health Sciences Centre on the Memorial campus. Fonds is composed of the following series:

1.0 Correspondence and Meeting Minutes, 1967-1987
2.0 Health Sciences Complex Construction, 1971-1983
3.0 Publications and Reports, 1966-1983
4.0 Faculty of Medicine Annual Reports, 1974-1988
5.0 Information Memoranda and Division Newsletters, 1974-1988
6.0 Faculty of Medicine Calendars, Brochures, Handbooks, and Memorabilia, 1969-1986
7.0 Accreditation of the Faculty of Medicine, 1969-1987
8.0 Association of Canadian Medical Colleges, 1972-1980
9.0 Canadian Medical Association, 1964, 1974, 1983-1986
10.0 Day Planners, 1976-1985
11.0 Northern Medicine and Health, 1976-1985
12.0 International Grenfell Association, 1971-1981
13.0 Programming and Teaching Materials, 1970-1978
14.0 Medical Schools in Canada, 1972-1987
15.0 Talks, Addresses, and Reviews, 1971, 1987
16.0 Convocation, 1974-1980
17.0 Nurse Practitioners, 1969-1977 [predominant, 1972]
18.0 Photographs, [197-]-1982
19.0 Slides, [197-]-[198-]

CA NL0001 007 · Fonds · 1960-1983, predominant 1968-1974

Health Science Information and Media Services (HSIMS) has been documenting the formation and development of the Faculty of Medicine and the Health Sciences Centre since the first mention of a medical school for Memorial University. The photographs and visual materials in this collection were part of a large display that was created by HSIMS in 1983 on the anniversary of the Medical School at Memorial. It originally hung in the lobby of the Health Sciences Centre until 1984 when it was removed and stored and later, donated to the Faculty of Medicine Founders’ Archive.

Fonds consists of photographs and visual material relating to the planning, staffing, construction, and administration of the Faculty of Medicine and the Health Sciences Centre in which it operates. Fonds is composed of the following series:

1.0 Health Sciences and Early Thoughts, 1960-1964
2.0 Feasibility Studies, 1965-1967
3.0 Acceptance, 1967
4.0 Development of Educational Programmes, 1968-1969
5.0 Faculty Recruitment, 1968-1969
6.0 Construction, 1969-1974
7.0 The Mortar That Holds The Bricks Together, 1969-1974
8.0 The Early Years, 1973
9.0 Graduation, 1973
10.0 The Medical School Moves to the HSC, 1973-1978
11.0 General Hospital Moves to the HSC, 1978-1978
12.0 Medical Consultation, 1823-1983

Medical Consultation
CA NL0001 007-12 · Series · 1960-1983
Part of Health Sciences and Information Media Services Photograph collection

Photographs and drawings of medical consultation practices (original 1760 [modern reprint]), (original 1823 [modern reprint]), 1960 (printed 1983 ) and 1983. The photos which feature Memorial of University Students (1983) and professors from the Faculty of Medicine (1960) were taken by Dr. B. Payton