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Archival description
Richard Derby ledger
Fonds · Microfilmed 1991 (originally created 1757-1790)

The microfilmed ledger is volume 1 of the Derby family papers, an extensive collection of business records and family materials belonging to the James Duncan Phillips Library, Peabody-Essex Museum in Salem.

The ledger records Richard Derby's debits and credits with other merchants, as well as with mariners, fishermen, shoremen, artisans, farmers, and widows from Salem and surrounding towns for the years 1757-76 and 1786-90. There is also a copy of Derby's will, dated 1783.

Derby, Richard
Joshua Burnham collection
Fonds · Microfilmed 1985 (originally created 1758-1817)

Fonds consists of microfilmed copies of ships' papers, including fishing and shipping papers, 1761-1790. They record trading activities with local merchants in Virginia and Maryland; unofficial cargo manifests; journal of a voyage on the sloop Phoenix; and work performed aboard the sloop Robinwood. Business and family papers contain correspondence, legal records, and financial papers relating to shipping and business affairs and include merchant correspondence, bonds and deeds, shipping accounts, and correspondence with family members.

Fonds is arranged in three series: Ships' papers (1761-1790); Shipping account books (1763-1788); Business and family papers (1758-1817).

Burnham, Joshua
Rev. John Power fonds
Fonds · 1759-1823

Fonds consist of personal correspondence and newspaper clippings related to the life and activities of Rev. John Power.

Power, John
Lester-Garland family fonds
Fonds · Microfilmed 1962 (originally created 1761-1833)

Fonds consists of the microfilmed records of the merchant families of Lester and Garland, including the daily diaries of Benjamin and Isaac Lester. These contain information on the daily activities of their business in Poole and Newfoundland, including information on ships, the fishery, weather, other merchants, and the political climate, giving an unparalleled account of the operation of a Newfoundland business establishment of the time.

The records also include an account of the French occupation of Trinity (July 1762) by Benjamin Lester, as well as the specifications for the construction of naval vessels and the proceedings of the Newfoundland House of Assembly (1834).

Fonds is arranged as follows: Diaries of Benjamin and Isaac Lester, 1761-1796 and 1765-1789; Accounts of the estate of Sir John Lester, 1808; Estate of George Garland, 1826; Benjamin Lester Garland, commissions in the militia, 1803-1831; Letterbooks of George Garland, 1794-1826; John Bingley Garland, appointment, 1833; and Captains' letterbook, 1827-1832.

Nigel Markham collection
CA Them Days APL 100 · Collection · 1765, 1841, 1873, 1919, 1923-1930, 1933, 1940, 1948, 1960, 1967, 1974, 1975, 1983, 1985

Collection consists of: ‘Labrador and Fishery Regulations’ taken from THE ENGLISH OCCUPATION, (1765), a hymn composed in 1841 for Centenary of the Society for the Furtherance of the Gospel, ‘Coming home from Labrador’ excerpted from GREAT WATERS, (1919), an article regarding whaling at Hawke’s Harbour, letters to the Moravian Mission board from Hebron and Makkovik; notes made by Nigel Markham while at Public Archives in St. John’s Newfoundland, list of important dates in Labrador history; list of books on Labrador; family tree information regarding Dicker (Decker), Flowers, Ford, McNeill, Voisey; wedding certificate information copied from the original, regarding George Voisey and Alice Lavinia Ford- Jan. 5, 1873, trapping agreement between Thorwald Perrault and George Sheppard (1974); Newfoundland and Labrador Affairs information- including 2 Liberal party flyers (Ian Strachan) and Bill Rompkey (1975); Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Municipalities Annual Brief to Government, March 11, 1983; results in Labrador regarding the referendum of June 3, 1948 and July 22, 1948; various Federal/Provincial correspondence on Native Funding; Labrador Inuit Association Annual Meeting/ Land Claims Statement; Environmental overview of the Lower Churchill Power Development, final report (1974); report on Native schools at Nain, Makkovik, and Hopedale by Rose Jeddore, Curriculum Consultant for Native schools, (1975); list of dates and birthplaces of Nain people; resolutions of Combined Councils of Hopedale, Makkovik, Nain and Rigolet, May 16-19, 1974, press release in Hopedale ‘Progress by Goose Bay Project Group,’ Nov 1, 1973; Dictionary catalog of the Stefansson Collection, (1967); a story from John Decker of Hopedale, Labrador, a letter from Nigel Markham to Doris Saunders regarding Monsignor Edward Joseph O’Brien materials, a background on Father O’ Brien and his mission work with the Innu, written by Nigel Markham, various correspondence to and from Father O’Brien, receipts from several businesses (eg. Hudson’s Bay Company), the story ‘A Voyage, A Wreck, A Moral,’ written by Father O’ Brien, and reports regarding the conditions of the Innu.

Nigel Markham
Bishop Thomas Scallan fonds
Fonds · 1765-1830

Fonds consists of letter of consecration, correspondence with clergy, correspondence concerning Bible schools, documents concerning ordination and episcopal faculties, an account of the state of the church (1819), request to Rome for a coadjutor, and Vatican correspondence concerning Labrador. Fonds also includes printed material related to his life.

Scallan, Thomas
Collection · Microfilmed 1988 (originally created 1767-1833)

Collection consists of microfilmed copies of three volumes of account books containing the Knight dealings with the hundreds of fishermen they hired, the export merchants to whom they sold their cod, and the dozens of maritime artisans and labourers who maintained their fleet of schooners. The account books cover the years 1767-81 and 1788-1833.

Knight, William
John Stevens account book
Fonds · Microfilmed 1988 (originally created 1769-1775)

Fonds consists of a microfilmed copy of the oldest known surviving account book from Cape Ann, Massachusetts. As a general provisioning merchant, Stevens carried a wide variety of wares. The account book is valuable for its portrait of fishermen as consumers. It also contains accounts under the name of Samuel Whittemore, 1786-1807.

Stevens, John
Daniel Rogers account book
Fonds · Microfilmed 1989 (originally created 1770-1790)

Fonds consists of a microfilmed ledger showing detailed credits of the customers of Daniel Rogers, from the fishing voyages of mariners to the butter delivered by local farm wives to his store. Entries for the 1780s describe the early development of the Cape Ann chebacco boat fishery.

Rogers, Daniel
Rev. Denis Kelly fonds
Fonds · 1770-1824

Fonds consists of records related to Rev. Denis Kelly, including his baptismal certificate and pastoral appointments. Fonds also includes newspaper clippings and printed material related to his life.

Kelly, Denis