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Archival description
W.S. Moores collection
CA Them Days APL 811 · Collection · 1933, 1967

Collection consists of a handwritten letter to E.J. O'Brien from W.S. Moores (1967); an Ode Card of the Loyal Orange Young Briton Association ; and the copy of a Local Roads Return record of the Canadian Marconi Company (1933)

W.S. Moores
William Pickering collection
Collection · Microfilmed 1988 (originally created 1695-1718)

Collection consists of microfilmed account books of William Pickering that document the voyages of his two fishing sloops, Speedwell and Content, as well as his dealings with mariners, fishermen, and the tradesmen of Salem's waterfront. The collection also includes a description of the peddling activities of the brigantine Hope in fishing settlements from Ferryland to Bonavista, Newfoundland.

Pickering, William
William Kirwin collection
CA Them Days APL 451 · Collection · 1867, 1988

Collection consists of correspondence to Dr. Wm Kirwin from Carol Brice Benett of The Labrador Institute of Northern Studies (1988); to Carol Brice Bennett from Dr. Wm Kirwin (1988(; to Carol Brice Bennett from William J Kirwin (1988(; and the journal: " William Chimmo's Journal of a Voyage to the N.E. Coast of Labrador during the year 1967" Edited by William J. Kirwin.

CA Them Days APL 028 · Collection · 1927, 1928

Collection consists of copies of William Duncan Strong's original field notes, taken while on the Rawson-MacMillan field museum Expedition (1927-1928); extracts taken from Strong's field notes regarding toys and games research (1927-1928)

William Duncan Strong
Collection · Microfilmed 1988 (originally created 1767-1833)

Collection consists of microfilmed copies of three volumes of account books containing the Knight dealings with the hundreds of fishermen they hired, the export merchants to whom they sold their cod, and the dozens of maritime artisans and labourers who maintained their fleet of schooners. The account books cover the years 1767-81 and 1788-1833.

Knight, William
Wilfred Templeman collection
Collection · 1947-1960

The collection consists of newsclippings, articles, diagrams and notes on codtraps and nets. The collection also includes notes on the size of Labrador cod.

Templeman, Wilfred
W.H. Drover, M.D.
CA Them Days APL 214 · Collection · 1984

Collection consists of an article written by Dr. Drover regarding his duties as medical officer on The Kyle and other information about the ship (1984)

CA Them Days APL 803 · Collection · 1937, 1939, 1941

Collection consists of correspondence, notes and reports regarding weaving and textile.

Weaving and Textile
Weather Gale collection
CA Them Days APL 584 · Collection · 1908

Collection consists of a report on the weather gale

Walter Simms collection
CA Them Days APL 217 · Collection · 1983

Collection consists of a story entitled: " The S.S. Kyle to the Rescue in 1923." written by Walter Simms (1983)