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Archival description
Thomas L. Blake collection
Collection · Reproduced in 1977, (originally created 1883-1890)

The collection consists of a typescript of a diary of Thomas L. Blake covering the period from 1893-1890. Collection also includes a photocopy of Blake's handwritten original diary.

Blake, Thomas L.
Thomas L. Blake collection
CA Them Days APL 008 · Collection · 1883-1890, 1977

Collection consists of typewritten copy of the diary of Thomas L. Blake kept between 1883 and 1890; and a photocopy of Blake's handwritten original diary.

Thomas L. Blake
Thomas Davis collection
Collection · Microfilmed 1988 (originally created 1771-1778)

Collection consists of microfilm of account books for Davis's three offshore schooners and the flakeyard. The books also record the towns in which his customers and hands lived. There are notations for every voyage and the quantity of cod caught by each fishermen.

Davis, Thomas
Thomas Cochrane fonds
File · 1827-1828

The fonds consists of one letterbook. The letters are signed W.A. Clarke, secretary to the Governor. The letterbook includes letters sent to the magistrate of Harbour Grace; extracts of other letters; circulars, and a sample census form.

Cochrane, Sir Thomas John
Thomas Aylward fonds
Fonds · Photocopied 1980 (originally created 1885-1901)

Fonds consists of photocopied shipping account books, 1885-93; bills and receipts for cargoes, 1885-1901; expenses for the operation of vessels under Aylward's command including the St. Croix, 1895-97, the St. Paul, the St. Peter and the Avoca, 1894-99; lists of port charges; seamen's wages, 1898-99; and charters, accounts and insurances, 1900-01

Aylward, Thomas
Thomas Andrew Hall fonds
Fonds · 1835, 1840, 1913-1942

The fonds consists of professional and personal fonds of T.A. Hall, predominantly documents and correspondence which relate to Hall's various building projects, including a hospital for the insane; Rose Blanche church; St. John's Cathedral decorations; Port de Grave breakwater; Rennies Mill Road church; Queen's College chapel; various blueprints including, the Church of England boys' orphanage (circa 1936), Placentia bridge (1941), Newfoundland airport, Humber Arm dam, etc. The fonds also contains personal correspondence, a sketchbook of people, images, and landscapes, a photograph album of the Argentia Naval Air Base, a travel log, and postcards. The fonds also includes the 1835 will of John Hall and a related letter (1840).

Hall, Thomas Andrew
Them Days Tape collection
Collection · 1959 - present

Collection consists of taped oral history interview primarily conducted for Them Days magazine. Some tapes are copies of interviews donated to Them Days (for example CBC Labrador History Series).

Collection · Reproduced between 1973-2000 (originally created 1880-2000)

The collection consists of photographic copy negatives donated to the archives, copied from donated and borrowed photographic prints and original negatives made by THEM DAYS staff and others.

The photographs have been arranged geographically using a system involving one letter followed by a six-digit code. The letter codes are arranged north to south (A is Killinek to Ramah; Z is Forteau to L'Anse-au-Clair). Photographs from outside of Labrador but related to it are classified as "Miscellaneous". Negatives include images of Inuit, Innu, Metis, settlers, agriculture, clothing, furniture, sports, drama, housing, animals, landscapes, fishing, hunting, trapping, crafts, dwellings, tools, churches, transportation, toys and games, aviation, schools, dignitaries, visitors, medicine, International Grenfell Association, Moravian missionaries, clergy, musicians, wildlife, military installations and personnel.

Them Days Incorporated
Them Days Collection
CA Them Days APL 001 · Collection · 1974 - 2016

Collection consists of letters, notes, lists, business information, correspondence, newspaper clippings, advertisement, posters, public service announcements, and documents relating to the creation and operation of Them Days.

Them Days Inc Archive
CA Them Days APL 276 · Fonds · 1935 - 1941

Fonds consists of records of the Newfoundland Ranger Force at Battle Harbour from its inception in 1934 until it disbanded in 1950 and depicts the everyday activities of the Ranger Force in Battle Harbour and includes correspondence, diaries, reports, memorandums, customs papers, statements, crime reports, Newfoundland Ranger "Instructions", inventory, telegraphs and game regulations. Of particular note within this fonds is a diary from the Battle Harbour Detachment of the Newfoundland Ranger Force which outlines the day-to-day policing activities of Ranger Lt. S.M. Christian covering dates October 1939 to May 1941. Included in Customs Papers are shipping reports, licences of import and export and declarations of value. The Crime Reports contain various reports from the Ranger Force, which included crime reports and relief official reports. Correspondence files contain reports, statements, requests and stock books of the Labrador Detachment. The files also include a listing of the nine Ranger Force Detachments in Labrador: Hebron, Nutak, Nain, Davis Inlet, Hopedale, North West River, Cartwright, Battle Harbour, and Forteau. Records are arranged in a chronological order year by year.

The Newfoundland Ranger Force, Battle Harbour Station