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Archival description
Elizabeth Greenleaf fonds

Fonds consists of materials collected during trips to Newfoundland In 1920, 1921 and 1929. It includes music composition books containing field notes, musical transcriptions and textual transcriptions; correspondence to and from her family; drafts of Newfoundland Days, an unpublished article written for Scribner's magazine and book reviews pertaining to Ballads and Sea Songs of Newfoundland.

The fonds also includes a photocopy of Robert D. Madison's booklet Newfoundland Summers: The Ballad Collecting of Elisabeth Bristol Greenleaf

Greenleaf, Elizabeth
John Widdowson fonds
Fonds · 1963-1999, predominantly 1963-1967

Fonds consists of folkloric material collected as a result of field trips to various communities, outports and bays in Newfoundland; predominantly Notre Dame Bay, White Bay, the Baie Verte Peninsula and Placentia Bay. The material in the fonds was collected by Widdowson (1963-99) and several collaborators: Herbert Halpert (1964, 1974-75), Clyde Williams (1964), Pierce Power (1964), Walter Lyver (1964), Fred Earle (1964-67), John Hewson (1964), Harold Paddock (1966), Paul Smith (1969), Violetta M. Halpert (1974-75), Lawrence G. Small (1974-75), William J. Kirwin (1979), and Cecil J. Reynolds (1984?). Widdowson also acted as co-depositor with Gwen Seary (1985).

The material in the fonds was collected on 246 audio reels, 2 audio cassettes and 14 folklore survey cards. As well the fonds contains fieldwork notes, informants' biographical sheets, song sheets, partial and/or full audio transcriptions and correspondence.

The majority of the material in the fonds deals with the folklore genres of oral history, song, tale, dance, beliefs, child lore, custom, food ways, language, proverbs, riddles, material culture, and personal experience narratives. Much of the material collected by Widdowson and his co-collectors was used in the creation of The Dictionary of Newfoundland English and Folktales of Newfoundland.

The fonds also consists of miscellaneous items such as a toast by Dr. E.R. Seary (1973); a methodical discussion of MUNFLA (1975), lectures (1975), a transcript of an oral history presentation (1974); a speech on MUN's future (1975); a recording of a BBC radio broadcast [1979?]; and the personal papers, writings and collections of Mr. Cecil Reynolds (1976-86). As well, the fonds contains a small amount of published documents and photocopied material that were deposited due to a connection with the collector or informant and/or its folkloric content.

Widdowson, John
Joyce Coldwell fonds
Fonds · 197?-1977

Fonds consists primarily of material collected for Coldwell's doctoral thesis, Treasure Stories and Beliefs in Atlantic Canada, and pertains to folk narrative about folksong and treasure: bibliographic information pertaining to publications on treasure handwritten on index cards; miscellaneous clippings and photocopies of published articles on various subjects such as folksongs, pirates and treasures; miscellaneous notes on folksongs, legends, pirates and treasures; bibliographical information and notes on the folksong Barbara Allen; six hundred index cards containing information about treasures, arranged by motif number; four hundred index cards containing photocopied clippings of treasure stories, with references; several drafts of her doctoral thesis with notes; Coldwell manuscripts entitled Pirate Songs, Internal and External Assessments of a Culture: The Blaskets, Treasure and the Folktale, Folksong Theory in the Twentieth Century, Folklore as Fiction: the Writings of L.M. Montgomery, Common Customs; various lecture notes and photocopied journal articles; book catalogues; maps.

Coldwell, Joyce
Kenneth Peacock fonds
Fonds · [1951-1952; 1958-1961]

Fonds consists of audio cassette copies of field recordings done in Newfoundland and Labrador by Peacock in the summer months of 1951 and 1952 and at various times during the years 1958-1961, along with copies of Peacock's tape indexes. Much of this material was published in 1965 as Songs of the Newfoundland Outports, a 3-volume selection of songs he culled from his collecting efforts in Newfoundland. This publication has served to acquaint numerous composers, folksingers and members of the general public with the traditional music heritage of Newfoundland.

Fonds is arranged into two series: 1. Songs E (87-157) comprises ca. 150 audiocassettes of songs in English; 2. Songs and tunes (99-139) comprises 18 audiocassettes of instrumental music and songs in Gaelic and French.

Peacock, Kenneth
Kenneth S. Goldstein fonds
Fonds · 1976-1995, predominant 1976-1990

Fonds consists of audio cassette recordings of 243 Newfoundland singers and storytellers collected during regular field trips undertaken in rural Newfoundland and Labrador from 1978-1990 (ca. 3250 songs); 1 audiocassette recording of Mack Masters' performance at the Mariposa Folk Festival in 1976; 2 audiocassette recordings of music and a mummer's play performed at the St. John's Folk Club during Christmas 1977; 1 audio reel copy of Oh, Newfoundland is a Wide Plantation: the Story of Irish Settlements in Newfoundland, an episode in a series of Newfoundland School Broadcasts produced by Patrick Treacher, written and hosted by Aidan O'Hara; 24 col. photonegatives, 35 mm; 7 photocopied pocket songsters, six of Johnny Burke and one from Cape Breton; manuscript of a lecture on treason songs; 2 audio cassettes and 2 cm of correspondence related to a request for folksongs published in the St. John's Evening Telegram in 1978.

Fonds also contains materials Goldstein created and/or used in his teaching, research and public lectures. They include 83 audiocassette copies of Oral Traditions of Britain and Ireland, a series of commercial recordings issued by the Centre for Oral Traditions in England in 1975; 6 audiocassette copies of Grass Roots: An Oral History of the American People, a series of commercial recordings issued by the Visual Education Corporation of Princeton, New Jersey in 1976; 1 audiocassette recording of a lecture on her Newfoundland song-collecting experiences given by Elizabeth Bristol Greenleaf at the University of Rhode Island in 1969; 1 poster.

Fonds is arranged into the following series: 1. Field sound recordings and commercial sound recordings 2. Printed materials, lectures and notes 3. Correspondence 4. Photographs.

Goldstein, Kenneth
L.M. Sinclair fonds
Fonds · 1912-1944

The fonds consists of a notebook, a book of news clippings; published booklets on the RSPCA; books of music, anthems, and choral arrangements, both published music and arrangements by Mrs. Sinclair. The fonds may also include music belonging to the former organist at the church.

Sinclair, L.M. (Margaret)
MacEdward Leach fonds
Fonds · 1949-1951, 1960

Fonds consists primarily of audio recordings and field notes made in Newfoundland, Labrador and Nova Scotia during Leach's field trips. They include 102 audio recordings made in 1949, 1950, 1951 and 1960. Included also are Leach's tape tables of contents; field notebooks with textual and musical transcriptions; index cards containing information on songs and singers and items of folklore of various genres; 89 b&w negatives of coastal scenes and individuals; photocopies of correspondence with various Newfoundlanders and Canadian officials regarding his proposed field trips, and from informants in Newfoundland.

Source: Article by T.P. Coffin in American Folklore- An Encyclopedia by Jan Harold Brunvandt.

Leach, MacEdward
Maud Karpeles fonds
Fonds · 1929-1930

Fonds consists of field notebooks with entries made by Maud Karpeles during her Newfoundland folksong collecting trips. Included are field diaries, notes on Newfoundland history and social organisation, shorthand notes of song texts, notebooks of tune transcriptions and correspondence. The shorthand notes seem to follow a non-standard system perhaps devised by Karpeles herself. Several of the notebooks contain entries made after Karpeles left Newfoundland, and pertain to observations made in New York and various parts of Europe.

Karpeles, Maud
Moravian Mission collection
CA Them Days APL 030 · Collection · 1859 - 1942

Collection consists of Moravian Periodical Accounts; extracts of Moravian community diaries and journals; extracts of private correspondence of Missionaries; Checklists of Manuscripts and Printed Material on the Moravian Missions in Labrador; Ordination service program for Walter Edmunds; Newfoundland Government Bulletin article "Moravian Mission 200 Years in Labrador" (1971); Canadian Heritage article "The Brethren in Labrador" (1983); Birth, death, marriage, and confirmation records for Moravian Mission stations (Hebron, Killinek; Agreement and Account of Crew for foreign going ships, the S.S. Harmony; Labrador Moravian newsletter "Labradorime Moravianmiut" (1975); Business correspondence for Moravian Mission in Labrador(1926-1925); Annual reports for Moravian Mission in Makkovik, Nain, Hopedale, and Hebron. This collection contains information covering the years 1752-1988; predominantly 1859-1942.

Moravion Mission
Neil Rosenberg fonds
Fonds · 1968-1999

Fonds consists of folkloric material collected by Neil Rosenberg as a result of his specific research interests and collaborations with other individuals. The majority of the material in the fonds deals with the folklore genres of song and music but also includes oral history, personal experience narratives, custom, language, legend, belief and popular culture. Some of Rosenberg's collaborators were Karolyn Stark (1969), Wilfred Wareham (1970, 1971), Herbert Halpert ( 1970), Frederick A. Aldrich (1977), Debora G. Kodish (1977), Peter Narvaez (1978-82), Ray Johnson (1981), the Atlantic Canada Institute (1981) and Tony Trischka [1991?].

The graphic material in the fonds consists of promotional photographs on two proof sheets, colour slides of commercial albums jackets, negatives that were created from photographs originally displayed in newspapers, photographs of Rosenberg's informants, and photographs of various groups that were either taken by Rosenberg or given to him.

The fonds also contains fieldwork notes, informants' biographical sheets, song sheets, songbooks, partial and/or full audio transcriptions and correspondence.

The fonds contains a large amount of published documents, photocopied material, newspaper clippings, promotional posters, commercial recordings, LP catalogues, dubs of radio shows and radio logs that were deposited due to a connection with the collector or informant and/or its folkloric content. These miscellaneous folklore items were collected by Rosenberg and his collaborators from 1979 to 1997.

Rosenberg, Neil